Thursday, September 22, 2011

This and that

My favorite oasis on a hot day in Williamsburg
I'm finally recovering from the trip although I haven't had a day to just "veg out".  Perhaps tomorrow...

I love hearing your Williamsburg stories and I've wondered what it would have been like living there when the restoration was taking place.  I expect there was some controversy when the "newer" houses were torn down but as one who just views it from the vantage point of 2011... it seems like it was well worth it all.

It definitely made me want to study more about Virginia's (and Virginians') roll in the Revolution.  I hadn't heard of the books by Elswyth Thane that take place in Williamsburg but they sound wonderful.  My library has a few of them but not the first few in the series.

It's interesting to compare Colonial Williamsburg with Old Sturbridge Village (in Mass.).  I love both places but they are somewhat different.  Not only in their time periods but the way they are set up.  Would you believe I have never been to Conner Prairie even though I live in the Midwest?

I also wish there had been time to meet with my friends in the area.  It may have been possible if we were not working around hubby's broken collar bone but the quicker we arrived in Williamsburg and then made the drive home, the better it was for his recovery.

Tomorrow (Friday) I hope to write about the very fun outing Stephanie and I had at the gourmet cooking school-dinner.  It takes more than a paragraph to explain it but it was perhaps the highlight of the entire trip.

As you can imagine... coming from the viewpoint of our Job-like summer... God knew I would need to get completely away from home to even begin to relax.  Here at home we still have fried electronics all over the place and little light in the kitchen (although we do have hot water, Hallelujah!).  It is just so warm and fuzzy to know Stephanie started thinking of this family vacation so long ago and that it would come to pass at a moment I need a "sanity getaway".

I write about our financial situation... not for you to feel sorry for us... but so you know if you are in such a position He will find ways in your life to balance out the dark days.  When our Social Security Disability check arrives, there is often nothing left for gas and groceries (especially since the addition of high medical bills these past couple of years).

Stephanie and I were talking about how quickly financial security can change.  We went from having no debt but our mortgage, a great deal of equity in our house, and a good savings account to being forced to sell our house and have nothing left... within two years due to my husband's poor health and extended unemployment.

Our confidence cannot be placed in our bank accounts and jobs (even though it is good when they are stable) but in the promise that God takes care of us... even if we don't understand what that looks like at the time.

I am learning how He wants to bless us when we look to Him and humble ourselves to say... yes and thank you very much.  In this case, I wish we were the ones able to bless our kids with such a vacation but I can pray for them and ask God to richly bless them in all their needs for their giving.  The vacation would have cost them far less if they had not included us.

The Bible says as we give to the poor, God gives to us (now there is a repayment plan).  I pray that for them and all who have ever blessed us.  I must say living like this has one benefit... it gives me a lot to write about to (hopefully) encourage others who are going through difficult times.

I've also learned there is so much one can do to be able to give to others even on a tight budget.  I have yet to have someone not enjoy a gift of a home baked goody when given in love... or at least a smile given to another when they look like they are having a bad day.  Jesus says even a cup of cold water given in love is noticed by Him.  :)


Vee said...

You are so right. Circumstances can change on a dime. It is important to know Who our source is. Looking forward to the post on the cooking school. Sounds like such fun. Your daughter is an excellent planner!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thanks for mentioning those books - I rarely go back to read comments after I have commented. Sounds like something I would like to read.

Your story of finances is a good lesson for all of us to remember that we need to look to the Lord at all times for all our needs!

I appreciate your expressions of thankfulness for how the Lord provides!


Morning's Minion said...

I've been reading your posts for a long time, but don't know that I've commented.
We have always lived frugally--sometimes in the early years things were very tight. Just before retirement we had managed to put away savings which we hoped would augment our slender SS. Unforseen things have taken the savings. I'm needing to remember that we have always been blessed with "enough" even when there was nothing in reserve.
Your posts so often emphasize that one can live graciously without great expenditure--and your creativity and sharing are appreciated.
I have the Elswyth Thane Williamsburg series and re-read them every few years, all the books collected from second-hand sources. There are a few instances where the stories include some 'supernatural' elements which don't resonate with my Christian beliefs--but the settings, the characters and plots are well done.
Elswyth Thane and her husband, William Beebe, bought an old farm in Wilmington, VT [I was born and raised in VT] and her book about this venture, "The Strength of the Hills" is a nice one.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thinking along the same lines when I blogged about all the extreme couponing and stocking up craze..we have to put our faith in God during hard times and not in our preparedness plan, even though it is wise to be prepared.

The Tablescaper said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. Why don't you link to Seasonal Sundays?

- The Tablescaper

Gregory said...

i love williamsburg! i live in indiana and conner prairie is one of my favorite places here!