Saturday, September 24, 2011

More pictures

I didn't get a chance to write anything today!  So... I'm sort of posting by showing more pictures.

Anna is the sweetest toddler!  Since she hadn't seen me for a year, I thought she would be hesitant around me but instead I received a huge hug around the neck when I picked her up... the beginning of lots of hugs and wet kisses.

Hubby called the color of this room in the Governor's Palace "Nickelodeon Slime Green".

I have quite a few pictures of this garden, including close ups of um... leaves.  That is because my husband has a Master's Degree in Wood Science (Forestry).  He was fascinated by the way they used various trees and shrubs.

As it turned out, we were talking to each other questioning what a certain shrub was when two middle aged women came up to us and one of them answered his question.  She had a degree in horticulture and her friend was a graduate also in Forestry. 

Now... the statistical chances of three people with these degrees meeting up is rather slim.  I was finally able to break away from the conversation to look at other things than trees and shrubs.  I'm certain Thomas Jefferson would have been smiling.

Now back to the tea room, this is the portrait that hung near our table.  It was absolutely stunning.

I loved how they set up the outside tables.  I'll have to do something like this on the deck next year for a little tea party.

Aren't the plates and teacups they provide for children just the cutest???

Stephanie and I were impressed by the attention to detail on these sandwiches.  It's easy to see the parsley, sliced cherry tomato, and sliced strawberry but there were also thin slices of carrots in the shape of flowers! 

Very simple sandwiches of egg salad, ham salad, pimento (after all... this IS the South), and I believe the filling in the nut bread was chicken salad with dried cranberries.

I would have never thought of adding cake pops for tea time but the little girls LOVED them (of course, since there were only two we let them enjoy the treat).  There was plenty left to tempt the grownups.

That's one of the reasons I love going to places like tea rooms because we get such great ideas.  (Yes, we have also experienced tea rooms with terrible food but this one was very good.)

You asked:  The historical dresses worn at Williamsburg and the tea room were all borrowed from their friends who had previously been to Williamsburg for costumed events.  Stephanie, who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Design, has amazing creative skills but sewing is not one of them.


Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

I enjoy a 'good' tearoom too! We used to have more but in my area they seem to have 'fizzled' out.... It was the 'in' thing for a decade or so and then people moved on.

So glad to hear they haven't fizzled out everywhere in our lovely lands.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

These are wonderful pictures. I'm so happy to see them! It looks as though you had beautiful sunny days for your time in Williamsburg. These are the kinds of memories that will keep you warm in the winter, Brenda!

Vee said...

I'm grinning at that God-wink...the one where three strangers with forestry or horticulture degrees find themselves chatting in a garden. So cool and so like God.

Sweet tea and, yes, those dishes are wonderful for girls. I'm sure that they will always remember their tea time.

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Karen Andreola said...

Wow, visiting Colonial Williamsburg sounds like a dream come true. The photographs of the gardens, buildings and food look so inviting. It is a favorite period of American history for many - especially those of us who read the magazine Early American Life. I'm happy you had a sunny vacation with your family.
Karen A.
I've been wanting to tell you how pretty the header is to your blog.