Friday, September 16, 2011

Safe Harbour (Re-post)

Originally posted February, 2009

I woke up long before the alarm was to ring this morning. After realizing I wasn't going back to sleep, I took advantage of the early morning hours to start the coffee and turn on the TV for one of my favorite ways to relax. Two Christian networks play videos by* and in the wee hours of the morning. (Note: These programs are no longer on the Christian networks at night... unfortunately.)

I sat in the Lazy Boy, sipped coffee, and found body... mind... and spirit relaxing in the hour before I had to wake Christopher up for his commute to his 8:00 class.

Watching the beautiful scenery and listening to praise music reminded me of other times I have found comfort in these videos and I thought about the concept of having a Safe Harbour to run to when going through the storms of life.

Just as storms come and go in nature, so we find ourselves in real life storms... some so mild we hardly notice the dark clouds... others leave us feeling as if we were in the midst of the whirlwind, hanging on for dear life. I've found the necessity of providing a Safe Harbour at times, those places I can go to find peace for my soul in the midst of hurricane force winds.

Of course, the storm continues to rage and the circumstances have yet to change. But a Safe Harbour provides peace in the midst of the storm... at times enough to help regain needed strength and encourage us with faith to continue.

What are some of my Safe Harbours... past and now?

  • Reading the Psalms
  • Talking to God in the morning
  • Talking to God when I can't sleep
  • Watching the antics of furry friends
  • Getting lost in a book
  • Baking in a warm and cozy kitchen
  • Inspirational music
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Watching a re-run of an old TV show
  • British flicks on DVD
  • Gardens in Spring
  • Forests in Autumn
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Hiking trails when Christopher was little
  • Walking the shores of Lake Michigan
  • Picnics at the park when both kids were home
  • Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel
  • Getting away alone for coffee
  • Tea time at home
  • Memories of fun family times
Well, I'm sure you "get the picture". While nothing can sooth my soul like getting into the Word... there are Safe Harbours where I run when the storms are raging.

Yours may be different than mine. While working with flour, sugar, and butter can help me temporarily forget my burdens... it can be a burden to another. My husband finds rest for his soul watching Chicago Sports... go figure.

When you are budgeting for tomorrow... make room for that which will be a place of Safe Harbour in the storm.

Photo of the Gulf Coast taken by my friend BB in Texas


matty said...

Great reminder! Sometimes we forget life is to be fun!

Anonymous said...

great post.. thanks for sharing have a blessed weekend!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love this idea of Safe Harbour!

I love breakfast at Cracker Barrel and British movies/tv shows, reading good books, the Lord...the outdoors in the autumn...

Enjoy the changing season!


Vee said...

The way you analyze a situation appeals to me. Because you do it, you can write a list that is sensible and helpful for the rest of us. I was thinking that there are times when friends and family turn to us in a storm. It's important to create cozy and comfort and to always point to the One Who is in charge.

Andrea said...

Well, almost all of your safe harbors are the same as mine, save walking on the beach; being in landlocked Kansas that is a little hard. Thank you so much for the reminder to keep these in mind for future need....
Your a blessing Brenda :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice ideas, Brenda...

I am wondering if you have eaten at a Cracker Barrel this year? We have several times this year...on trips. We have had one now in town since July but I have not gone yet. We ate at yet another very disappointing one today. I wrote the headquarters suggesting some things need fixing. (Smaller portions and nice quality would be great!!) I think maybe we are going to be taking along our own food more on trips. We will likely be going on one trip a month now for the next few months. We ate out only twice from Fri to Sun this time. Maybe it is getting older...maybe our tastes have changed...

Thanks for all your helps.