Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thoughts on new rooms, dresses, and the need for a nap

Her Highness showing off her pretty face
Thank you for your kind comments about my "new" room.  I think it was Vee that noticed the corner of the bed in one picture.  Yes, Christopher's bed is still here as is his bookshelf (both on the other side of the room).  In the second phase of the room transformation next year, we will "tweak" that side of the room... when he takes his bed and books.

This corner shelf is suppose to hold a TV but now shows off "pretties"
In the meantime... and so as not to push my son into a need for counseling on abandonment issues... he still has a place to sleep on those rare evenings he will be at home.  :)

I thought you might like the (computer) wallpaper I've used for ages and ages now.  It calms my soul and brings peace.  It is but one of many wallpapers offered by Revive Our Hearts ministry... here.  They are all so beautiful and inspiring but this one has been my favorite.

I'm not sure it is available right now but if you like it, you can request them to add "Stability... The Lord shall be the stability of your times" back to their offerings.  They did it for us before after a computer crash (VERY nice people to work with).

I listen to Revive Our Hearts on the Moody Channel.

It has been so very busy here, not at all like I enjoy home life.  It's just one of those times of the year where multiple appointments and commitments are scheduled one right after the other.  Which is how the subject of dresses arises... in a somewhat roundabout way.

My three month A1C appointment (that is diabetic speak) was yesterday at the clinic and I wore one of my favorite short sleeve summer dresses.  It's just easier for the blood pressure cuff and the taking of blood and checking of pulses and all of that to be accomplished.  The dress has the prettiest lilac flowers and is so comfortable that I decided to wear it for all of my errands.

Now, my usual summer errand attire is a pair of Capri slacks and pretty blouse so it's not like I'm dressed badly when I go out but there is just something about the way we are treated when we wear a dress (or long flowing skirt with a pretty top).  I'm not sure if it is the way we look or the way a pretty dress makes us feel (or most likely both) but I find people treat me better when I'm wearing a dress than even the nicest slacks outfit.

When I was growing up and the nice department stores were mostly downtown (there was one in a shopping center), ladies would not think of shopping without being dressed up.  I don't remember ever "going shopping" at one of those stores in jeans when I was very young.  This was also the days when the nice stores had tea rooms, we had one downtown and one at the department store in the shopping center (The Mall wasn't built until my teen years).

My mother always told me to dress up when I was shopping and to notice how much more attentive sales people were.  While I was not at a high end department store but only Kroger's and Wal Mart... it really was true.  At least it seemed that way.  Sigh... somehow the Subway store just doesn't replace the tea room.

Well, for all people were quite nice yesterday... it has still been a tiring three days. I was driving from the busy streets of town to our home in the country today... realizing there was no way everything could be accomplished by the end of the afternoon... reminding myself that at one time I combined a full time career with being a full time wife and mom and church volunteer and primary cook and bottle washer.  God definitely gives grace for the season we are in at the time!

All I could think of was how much I needed a nap but that wasn't going to happen.... yawn.  I can see an early bedtime tonight.  :)


MommaCatlett said...

this is such a sweet message. I can relate to the need for a nap, though I don't dress up to go shop. In fact, some days I don't even brush my hair just a ponytail and go. However, I do feel better about myself if I do dress nicer and put a bit of makeup on. Being a stay at home parent i don't generally dress up because I will get something on me- 2 years and 7 month old children with a full time school ager. Anyway, I do fully believe that God's grace will always be enough for the season we are in. He is a mighty God!

Rebecca said...

I SO agree about wearing dresses....appreciate the tip about the computer "wallpaper"...and am thankful for God's grace for eacg season we are in!

Terra said...

You are keeping busy, and I know what you mean about being a bit more dressed up; maybe I will give it a try!

jAne said...

my mother has always "dressed" to go shopping .. grocery or department store. didn't matter. as a child i remember her wearing white gloves. oh that those days would return, hm? i try and look presentable in public and many times succeed (even if only in my own mind) though i find that my everyday 'uniform' does me just peachy. {long loose dress with a shirt over, croc sandals, simple jewelry}. i find a genuine smile goes a long way to touching someone's heart too. :o)

loved this post, brenda. golly, love every post of yours.

Anonymous said...

I sure know what you mean about wearing a dress or skirt when out and the difference it makes in others, and you. Everyone wears slacks..both sexes. In our culture only women wear skirts though. So just seeing someone anymore in one sets you apart in a good way. It is hard to explain but I assure you I understand! :) Oh I look around too and see all the young and even just a bit younger people running up stairs and hurrying here and there and wonder if they realize how wonderful it is to have such an agile body still. We take so much for granted till it is gone don't we. I find myself praying that they will able able to keep those strong bodies. Life is a passing parade and it just seemed like yesterday that the kids were asleep in their rooms..then I realize it has been a decade plus. Sigh... Sarah

Vee said...

Abandonment issues...hahahahha...poor Christopher. I doubt that any son has ever been more loved so I'll not fret on his behalf.

Well I love the thought of you all gussied up in a pretty summer dress so perhaps there is something to it. I do not own dresses yet. Perhaps one day. I can't imagine anyone treating me with deference no matter what I might be wearing.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I have noticed any difference when wearing a dress into a store, but definitely it does matter that one is not dressed shabby or unclean!! I taught my kids that we kept certain clothes for home, some for real dirty work, some for dress up and some for "go to town" clothes. It was a significant difference in the town where they grew up in (Washington state) you dressed did affect how you were treated. I HATED to shop there and learned in the grocery and stores we frequented, which clerks were ok and which were not. Since we moved to the East Coast however, there is not so much difference in how one is treated...much nicer shopping experience. They may not want to be your friend, but most are at least polite!!

Susan said...

Love your new room.

Had to giggle about wearing the dresses. When I was a little girl (about 7 or 8 -- in the early 6o's) my grandmother came by one day. She wanted to take me to the grocery store with her, and I was delighted by the idea. Then, looking a little displeased, she requested me to run put a dress on.

I was wearing, I believe, what we used to call pedal pushers (like capris, I guess) -- they were turquoise, and I was thrilled by them and thought they were VERY elegant.

I guess my grandmother did NOT!

I've thought about that many times. Imagine requiring your granddaughter to put on a pretty little dress to go pick up some groceries! (Susan in DE)

Mrs.Rabe said...

I almost always were a skirt so this is what I wear when I go out too. I always make sure I have make up on, we were it lightly, and that my hair looks decent. I am always surprised by the people out in their sleepwear...literally!

I noticed the bed in your room and assumed that you were keeping it for guests...I guess Christoper qualifies, now that he is moved out!

Exciting days ahead with the wedding!