Friday, August 19, 2011

Longing for normal...

Gosh, will I ever be happy when things return to some resemblance of normal around here.  Of course, there is never such a thing as real normal, is there?  "Life happens" is normal for us.  :)

The hours and days and weeks are just flying by this summer.  I have ideas for some pantry posts as well as e-mails to answers and snail mail to write.  I've decided to type out a few letters instead of hand writing as I'd intended... a typed letter is far better than none as I wait for more hours in my day.

Our insurance company gave us permission to have our gas pipe repaired before the rest of the claim goes through.  The repairman was here earlier today and the representative of the gas company just came to check the repairs and turn on the gas to our yard (and in our house). 

As it turns out, he could not turn on the gas going into our dryer (but the hot water heater is working!).  Not only was there a hole in the gas pipe (which was just replaced) but there was a hole and burn marks in another object going into our dryer... cannot remember what it is called.

The gas company representative told us over and over that 1) he doesn't know why our house did not burn down with the initial direct lightening hit and 2) why it did not explode and/or burn down with not only one pipe leaking gas (and flames) but this other object, too.  I don't know if he is a person of faith but he called it a miracle.  My husband has to make the repair to the dryer before we can turn that gas on.

Unfortunately, the quick fix we hoped would repair the fan in our furnace did not work so that means we will have to have the repairman back again (more expense) before the air conditioner can work.  He looked at it when he was here to fix the pipe and was hoping just oiling the fan would solve the problem and if it didn't, he would have to make a service call later just for the fan.

As I type, I have the two windows in the room open and Miss Victoria has squeezed herself onto the ledge of one of the windows.  I'm not sure if she is there for the breeze or trying to get a look at the neighbor's dog. I've decided even if it is hot, it is a whole lot better to have the furnace fan break down in summer rather than sub-zero wind chills!

Every time I start to get frustrated at the inconveniences surrounding my days, I think of those families who lost houses and loved ones in the fires, floods, and storms.  Our insurance representative apologized about how long this settlement is taking and explained they are very far behind due to all the bad weather this year.  He has been SO nice, though.

Then there is that whole miracle thing.  Who can complain?  Especially when one now has hot water.  :)

Picture:  Yes, I LOVE that cabinet.  The vintage sewing machine was cut out of its' original cabinet and has been happily sitting on this one for years now.  The folk art tree was found by Stephanie at a New England tag sale and sent this way... perfect!


Terra said...

Oh my goodness, I read your blog very faithfully and must have missed the post about the lightning hit! I believe God protected you and your family. Yes, it is preferable to have this happen in hot rather than freezing weather.

jackie said...

Oh, i so feel for you in this frustrating situation! Sometimes it is hard to see that God has a purpose in this difficult circumstances when it seems that it should be so simple just to fix the problem(s)!
i admire your attitude in realizing that there are many people far worse off.
That is a very sweet little cabinet. Does it have a family history?

Anonymous said...

Other blogs have come and gone on my daily list, but yours has been there the longest, and it is because of your sweet attitude towards the trials of life. Bless you and your example to the rest of us.


Anonymous said... certainly were spared!! HE watching over Israel slumbers not nor sleeps!! (That is a gorgeous accapella song we sang in high school...and that line and melody have stayed with me all these years!!) So much to be thankful for!! I do hope that all the issues from this will eventually be least before COLD weather!!
Blessings, Elizabeth

matty said...

Keep your chin up! It is coming to an end! Just don't ever ever ever pray for patience again! LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your hot water back. It must have been so frustrating trying to keep house without it.
Give Miss Victoria a pat on the head. Can you imagine what could have happened if the gas was turned back on before she 'helped' you find the problem with the dryer?

Mrs.Rabe said...

Hurray! Hot water! What a blessing! I am thankful that the house didn't burn down and that you have been able to still live in your home during this trying time!

Hopefully it will all be fixed in time for that first chill of Autumn!

Have a delightful day!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Wonderful that the insurance man is being kind. I think we need just that kind of human touch and caring to help us through something as traumatic as what happened to your home.

Sending love across the miles,


(what IS NORMAL?)