Thursday, August 25, 2011

A quiet room, hummingbirds, and the gift of dinner

I will try to take a picture soon in natural light.
This room was suppose to be a place in which to work on some creative sewing projects but has become my respite instead.  Christopher never opened the windows (as the air conditioner was always on in summer due to allergies) so I had no idea there was such a nice cross breeze.  It is a lovely, peaceful room when transformed by a pondering mother type person. Come cooler weather, I will move the laptop to the family room and start some creative projects.

I am sleeping in here for the next two weeks so my husband can find a comfortable way to sleep  (in the middle of our bed with two pillows propping him up against the headboard) and I am quite thankful we made that decision to buy a comfy mattress when Christopher was younger... even though the salesman tried to tell me boys can't tell the difference.  I knew mine would!

The John Denver Channel is playing on Pandora and James Taylor's voice and guitar can be heard coming from the speakers of the laptop... which never cease to amaze me at how good they are.  It's quite warm but nothing like the 100+ heat index yesterday.  One never knows what September will bring here... it can go from quite hot to very cold.  This year I will vote for sweater weather!  Speaking of seasonal changes...

I was talking to a friend recently who told me the most amazing story about birds in her backyard.  She keeps two or three hummingbird feeders around her property and she and her husband enjoy watching them.  A few days earlier, there was a swarm of something flying towards them.  So many she originally thought they were wasps or something but as they came nearer, they were hummingbirds... hundreds of them. 

They were there a few hours filling up on sugar water before leaving.  She hasn't seen her birds since so she's convinced they went with the birds heading south.  She was telling me this had never happened before and they have been on that property for at least twenty years or so.  The local hummingbirds usually don't leave until a few weeks from now and she's never had that many coming through at once. 

She was wondering if that was nature's way of warning us about an early winter... or something else.  (This was right after the earthquake on the east coast so she was a little antsy.)  Hmmm... I don't know about that but I must admit that I have not seen any hummingbirds on our deck for a few days now.  She lives a few miles north of our house.

Our pastor e-mailed me this morning, asking if he could bring us a catered dinner from our favorite cafeteria.  Of course I said YES!  He is just the nicest person (he and his wife).  He even apologized for having to bring the food early as he had an important event tonight.  He ended up bringing a FEAST!   There will be plenty of leftovers tomorrow.  What a blessing that was as I was still quite tired from yesterday's trip to the VA Hospital and doing laundry.  Thankfully, hubby hooked up the dryer over the weekend.

Christopher has been calling me with cooking questions, more than Stephanie ever did.  Of course, Stephanie was a good cook by the time she left home between her junior and senior year of college.  She has since surpassed her mother.  Christopher has potential, though.   His cousin (Bonnie's son) has a very high stress job but he unwinds by cooking dinner for his family each night.

The dishes are soaking (in hot water, yeah!) so I'm going to rest awhile and then my reward for a day of laundry (and after doing the dishes) will be reading a D. E. Stevenson book I brought home from the library.  We have another new normal here at the edge of the forest... another sigh... but a stack of books to read has never changed.  :)


Jedidja said...

O, I never seen kolibries ( honeybirds) Can you tell more about it?

Anonymous said...

God made a way for you to have a room to sleep in so your Hubby could too. God's timing. Not the timing you wanted though. I know it must be so hard for your husband to go through this Men want to provide and fix things for us and when they are layed up it is oh so hard on them. It goes against their nature. You are blessed to have a husband who cares so much. It must seem at times like one step forward and two backwards. Yes we sure do have to rely on the Lord for everything and be at peace with it as much as we can. Sarah