Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finding purpose as a result of trials

I was just beginning to cook dinner last night when the phone ring.  It was the woman who runs the food pantry at a church in the small town where I spent most of my growing up years.  She calls my husband to let him know when they have organic produced given to them and there had been an unexpected shipment... could he quickly drive over for some food.

Being that hubby is to stay STILL now, I had to drive to the church to pick up the much welcome produce.  I always get mixed feelings when visiting the town.  On one hand, it truly is a beautiful drive and there are good memories such as the shabby chic cottage where Stephanie and her hubby were married (trust Steph to find a charming chapel) but it is also quite sad.  So many of my loved ones have passed on.

Since I had never picked up the produce, I had to ask my husband how to get there.  I had no idea it was at the church, across the street from where my sister lived when I was in elementary school.  Once I knew that, I disregarded his directions and took the back route in (as in through farm land).. passing my former high school which was packed for a football game.  Sigh... I almost felt sixteen again... but I digress.

Once at my destination, I learned how the woman who distributes the produce began her ministry.  She is a young widow who depends on food pantries and her mother is involved in ministry which receives food for pantries on a state wide level.  She finds out from her mother when there is a lot of produce and picks it up to distribute to various pantries in our area.  Her passion for feeding the poor came from her own experiences.

She and I (as well as the young woman who heads the food pantry at the church) talked about how God uses our trials to birth in us a passion for needing needs, providing information, praying for people, etc.  Both of these young women were so energetic... a side affect from serving HIM.  :)

My own interest in stocking the pantry came from my mother, who not only went through the Depression but in her thirties was left a widow with seven children (she met my father when she was around 39 or 40).  Then when we had years of limited income or no income at all due to my husband's health... stocking the pantry went from being an interest to a passion!  I lived through how a deep pantry made all the difference in the world to my family.  (I plan to repost some older pantry and recession posts in a couple of weeks.)

So...  it all gives me a sense of hope that this Job-like summer will have its' own rewards.  I know it will.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

It does seem like He loves to use difficulties to teach us. Sometimes we want to say "No, more, please!" :)

How is your pantry these days? Glad you were able to get organic produce for free!


Anonymous said...

He found a way to both encourage you and provide for you at the same time. All at a place you knew the directions to ! Yes, He does direct your path.... :) Sarah

Linda V said...

Great story, Bren. Thanks for sharing it!

Scrappy quilter said...

I agree with you and Mrs. Rabe. God uses difficulties to teach us. I think it's because He has our attention then more so than at other times in our lives, don't you. So glad ot hear you got some organic produce...wonderful!! Hugs

Ann said...

Your posts on recession proofing our pantry at this point will be most welcome! Looking forward to it. Blessings, Ann