Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The new normal

I find myself surprised at how quickly I have developed into a routine with this new normal.  Yesterday I took three baskets of wet clothes to the laundromat and this time also took hubby along to help.  We shared coffee and a treat at Panera (my free birthday sweet was on the My Panera card just waiting to be used) while the dryers did their thing.

With another set of hands to help, the folding was accomplished in half the time as last week's visit... my first time in a laundromat (except for washing sleeping bags and comforters) since one could dry a load of clothes for a quarter or two.  That long ago. 

I now know just how much cold sudsy water to have in the sink before the stock pot of boiling water goes in.  I told Stephanie that I didn't realize how many of my recipes used a lot of pots and pans until having no hot water and little light in my kitchen.  I've also adjusted by assembling tomorrow morning's coffee in the coffee pot while there is natural light in the kitchen to see water levels.

We have had a respite from the intense heat (albeit still high humidity) for the past few days.  It felt wonderful to get out to the garden early this morning and try to tackle the weeds.  We are probably overdosing on green beans if one can do such a thing.  But that which is so expensive at the store is now being enjoyed for the cost of one package of seeds.  They certainly like hot weather.  I took some pictures of the garden and hope to post them tomorrow.  The heat wave is returning in full force by tomorrow.

I didn't have to water the garden these past few days as we were fortunate to be a "hit" with "hit and miss" showers going through.  I have to get out quite early as I've found heat does not agree with the diabetes at all.  Fortunately, there have been nice surprises while giving the garden a nice drink of water.  One morning a humming bird decided to take a morning bath as the water showered the herbs.  I'd never seen this hummingbird before, it had some red coloring.   A few days ago a family of butterflies flew around the shower of water, descending on water filled plants when I had turned the hose off.  Both truly beautiful moments.

With the old Sony no longer functioning in the living room (not to mention the wiring from the antennae fried), I have been spending my evenings reading.  Last night I finished re-reading one of my all time favorite books... Goudge's Scent of Water.  I just think it is a beautiful story, a cross between Pilgrim's Inn and The Dean's Watch as it is about a house which brings joy and comfort as well as the redemption of sad and hurting people.

Some think it is a little on the dark side as the woman who inherits the house from her late aunt reads through her aunt's diary about her struggle with depression and her eventually finding peace in her faith.   I struggled with panic attacks after Christopher was born (hormone induced) so I know what it is like to feel as the rooms are actually moving in toward you and struggling to breath.  How thankful I was to have them leave after a month or two.

I hope to post some garden pictures tomorrow.  It just takes longer right now to do the everyday household "gotta do's" (as my friend, Kathy, calls them).  Now... off to do the dishes before the water turns completely cold!


Vee said...

It sounds almost like camping, Brenda. Hope that things are fixed and that you regain more and more sooner rather than later. It must also be nice to have help with the laundry. I love when I get help. It used to be more often. ;>

Take care and enjoy those beans...

Morning's Minion said...

I re-read most of the Elizabeth Goudge books in my 'collection' about every 18 months--they are welcome friends. This sounds like a good time for you to retreat to your favorites.


Is today your birthday? Blessings on your year.


Kelly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your problems from the lightening strike and so thankful that it wasn't worse.

We, too, have been dealing with extreme heat, and I, too, find that it doesn't agree with diabetes.

Anonymous said...

Have you put the charged outdoor solar lights in a pitcher for extra light? I figure you had heard this trick but wanted to add it in case it helps. We had a problem with our house a while back and I understand the 'new normal' thinking. :) Just had a minute and wanted to let you now I am still praying and thinking of you daily of course. Sarah

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

The Scent of Water is one of my favorite Elizabeth Goudge books. The Dean's Watch is probably the other...I am just now enjoying Bess Streeter Aldrich's The Cutters, rather similar to her book Mother Mason. They are wonderful books to make me laugh and feel optimistic about the world....I do hope things are back to the old normal for you pretty soon, but I admire the way you find the blessings in every day.

Mrs.Rabe said...

It is amazing how quickly we can adjust, isn't it?

When we were in missions training we had to live in the woods in a house Tim built out of logs and landscaping plastic! It was an awesome little house, hard pack dirt floors, wood burning cook stove, no refrigeration at all, bucket showers. We have fond memories of that time! It helps us even today to realize that we can make a home anywhere God puts us!


jlt said...

I just found "The Scent of Water" for a few dollars. Now that I read your review, I'm moving it up to the top of my TBR list.

Thank you for sharing your cheerfulness in your new normal.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Happy Birthday dear Brenda! I hope you enjoyed a lovely day (not sure of the date but want to send you special wishes...regardless of when it falls :-).

You are such a lovely writer...thank you for posting about your "new normal". I found that it serves as a reminder to me that I should not take the blessings of electricity and hot water for granted! Ahhh...nothing like the good Lord for giving us a lesson in the art of appreciation. :)))

Hope the electricity is running soon, especially before any more heat hits your area.

Sending love and prayers, as always!


a8383 said...

Would love to trade some of my tomatoes for your beans! Happy Birthday! Angela