Friday, June 03, 2011

Is America heading for trouble?

I've mentioned before that my first real Internet writing was for an emergency preparedness site where I was both a writer and an administrator.  This was pre-y2k so the research was absolutely fascinating... perusing websites owned by Mom & Pop homesteaders all the way to wild and wooly survivalists.

There are a few which lean to the guns and beans survivalists side that I still check out once in awhile, especially those written with a Christian worldview.  These are the cream of the crop writers who keep their ear to the ground about what is going on in the world as well as having a very large following of long time readers involved in the site.  (What I find interesting is how many of those sites at one time were either set up by people in law enforcement or had a large following of cops!)

Anyhoo... with everything going on in the world these days, I decided to check my rss feed for one of the most famous sites (I think I had over 150 unread posts!).  Here I was, sitting in front of the computer just reading and scrolling and scrolling and reading when a post title jumped out at me and for a moment... caused a gasp and a click to take me to the site and read the post in full.

This particular man wrote a book in the 1990s called Patriot:s: Surviving the Coming Collapse... a novel about America in the midst of a complete social breakdown (it has since been completely updated but I have not read that version).  It's a fascinating, scary, informative, strange sort of story that I found hard to get out of my mind.  Not really well written from an English Class standpoint (most first novels are rather choppy) but I could not put it down.  I don't even remember who I gave my copy to years ago...

The post that caused such a shock... the one I should have seen coming... was reminding his readers of his warnings to move out of the big cities NOW!    Here is the last paragraph of that reminder post:

If you feel convicted to move, then don't hesitate. Move soon, so that you will have time to settle in and develop a large garden, livestock, orchards, and other key resources for self-sufficiency. Trust in God's providence.

In all the years I've read this site (albeit only off and on these past few years), I've only heard him say people should have a plan to leave the cities should there be a cause for concern.    He has long written that he believes there is coming a collapse in the U.S. and that it will be caused by many small events rather than one huge event most people think could happen.

He has strongly recommended readers live in an area where they can grow a garden but he has also written that he understands many people feel they must live in cities due to their employment.  He would always write that he believed there would be a day when one would not be wise to live in the cities... it appears this is that day.

Personally... I believe the safest place to be for you and your family is in the center of God's Will... whether that is in a small town or city.

During my perusal of past posts (say that three times), I found a couple interesting and very practical informative posts I will link to below.  Part of what makes this site so informative are the posts written by the readers, both of the following posts are written by readers...

Preparing Kids for Disasters... here* 

A Key Concern and Preparedness Strategy... here* 

The original small reminder post that set off my ponderings... here*

So... what are your feelings?  Knowing God IS in control... do you have concerns about the future of America, the economy, food shortages, peak oil, etc?

*This is a survivalist website and blog so it does talk about guns as well as beans!  However, since the owner is a Christian homeschool type dad, he tends to keep it clean of vulgarities as much as possible.


matty said...

Very interesting, Brenda! We have a cluster of friends here who believe we are in the final days. We do, too. While I always work in the summer, this year I took off to work on the farm more. We are becoming more and more self-sufficient. We have made strong strides in getting debt-free (just the farm) and are using up what we have rather than buying new.

I have felt convicted lately that I waste too much. Several times this week, He has whispered to me, "Use what you have!" and I have listened!

The world tells us there are so many things we "need", but really, there is little -- God's love, a home, food for the belly, work for the hands, love for the heart, and books for the head. After being in the world for a long time, I feel I am coming home to me.... and being prepared is one of those steps along the way.

Vee said...

It's as if this information is from the Twilight Zone and it's a challenge for me to bend my mind that way. I'm more of a "God will take care of you" kind of gal. And, quite frankly, if it's going to get really, really rough, I'd rather be dispatched quickly. So I agree with you...the safest place to be is in the hand of God and listen to Him first. Is He telling you to move, plant a garden, buy silver? Then by all means. Otherwise, live your life following Him in complete assurance that He will get you through.

You always share such interesting things! Have a great day, Brenda...

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Somehow, I have a strong reaction against such blogs/websites. It is so easy to whip oneself up into hysteria. (Not that I think you do anything of the sort, Brenda, and I agree with having a deep pantry, etc., and even though I've always done this, I've learned new and useful ideas from your blog...)

However, this is good to think about:

“... blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD,
whose confidence is in him."

Monica said...

My husband and I have felt this coming for some time now. We have been preparing for the worst and trusting the Lord. He has given us the resources to prepare and we also know that these things must come to pass for the Kingdom of the Lord to come. While being prepare for food and fuels we are also seeking to increase the Kingdom. Spreading the Gospel message and loving on those who have been hurt in this old world. For we want no one to be left here to suffer. We tell those who are able to prepare, not that we don't trust the Lord to provide but because we must be good stewards. Anyway, blessings to you as we spread the word and wait on the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking along these lines for some time. The sites you offered us were very sobering. I will not be able to move but have always wanted to. We have always tried to be somewhat self sufficient...There will always be holes in the plan though. All this is very scary. What would we do without knowing God? Those who do not know Him must be feeling very alone while pondering the possible future. Yes I believe we are in trouble. When I remember our childhood in an alive America I grieve that our grandchildren will nerve know these times. Although we lived in the shadow of the Soviet Union and the threat of 'the bomb' we felt so patriotic and close to each other. No time has ever been perfect. Each generation has its own times they urn would remain but looking back the earlier years were so innocent compared to the times moving forward. American does not seem to be mentioned in Revelations so one wonders why.... sobering. Let us draw neigh to Him. Reaching out to our neighbors and others while we can. Sarah

Anonymous said...

The reason that the U.S. has such a high rate of violent crime is because of lax gun laws. Canada has a lower crime rate because we do have some gun controls.
In other words-stocking up on beans is fine but the last thing that society needs is more guns out there.
In fact, as someone who professes to be a Christian, why are you even giving publicity to a man who advocates guns?

Mrs.Rabe said...

Brenda, I want to read the links first before I comment more, but to answer your Canadian commenter; it is not the guns that commit crimes, it is the people who commit crimes. Sometimes they use guns to do it.

Should we take away the right of people to own a car because sometimes people drive drunk and kill others?

In the same way we must think clearly and see that it is foolish to take guns from those who would use them to hunt OR to protect their families or properties, just because someone may (and usually would get their weapon illegally anyway) us a gun to commit a crime.

You are free to not post this comment if you choose Brenda! thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Preparing Kids for Disaster site you added is a good one for preparing kids for life. Very Good. It should be read by any parent at any time..especially when the kids are young and you can start implementing these mindsets from the get go. Or even before they are born so you and your wife or husband can talk together on a plan and also learn these extra skills yourself,.. if you are negligent in any of them. The others go along with rules of good social behavior and order. It is a beautiful thought to have many more families teaching these practical old fashioned basic rules and living by them. Sarah

Linda said...

I can tell you with all honestly, that the current admin./president wants people to live in urban areas, all part of the master socialist plan. Not me, I will stay on the farm. It is up to us, the parents to instill the values and morals to our children.(reading your comments section)

Thanks for the great post. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Very interesting...thank you.

Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

As to methods of self protection, I ask the anti-gun Christians...and what were the disciples told to carry with them???????? Hmmmm,?????? (NO guns, but another method).

(I do not touch them because I am a klutz and would hurt myself!!)

Elizabeth in NC

Ann said...

My husband and I are firm believers that we are living in times that getting more and more dangerous and will continue to do so. We live in the desert (not much grows here) and moved here from Tucson to get further away from the southern border because of what we saw and heard every day. As for preparations, each of can only do what we have to do with and that's where God comes in. We do what we can do and trust that He will do what we cannot. That's our only source of peace in an unstable world.

Anonymous said...

having read an article about a man in South America some where that was in upheaval , he mentioned the people coming out from the cities and taking their animals and garden crops and killing their dogs and etc. It makes me question my ability to do anything but prepare the best I can and leave everything up to God .Because I seriously doubt that I could actually blast away at another hungry neighbor (we know who are neighbors are in Gods eyes) We have determined to try to stock up so we can have an extra measure of thinking time for us and those near us. It is scary to see people in areas of unrest, or natural disaster out of food and water in just 3 days.The chickens that I put my hopes on, well Mr Raccoon seems to have set his sights on them too,I would be more worried if I lived in town but I doubt most of us even in the country are very prepared. Around here people act like they have truely suffered if they loose electric for a few days ,angry and miserable.I at least have a working plan for no electric which gets a trial run around here a couple times a year!!!Fire drills I think of it and always they come in the midst of hot humidity or freezing cold , so I am grateful!! for that as it keeps me on my toes.!! Karen

a8383 said...

Hi Brenda, Touching as always!Your comment on "not looking back as if the best was behind" really struck home. Those of us "at a certain stage" may think that at times. I know I personally have struggled with that this past year. I just read today in Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit the following quote: We must look forward.In all the story books as ever I read the people as looked backwards was turned into stones... and my opinion always was that they brought it on themselves." Can I add Cry the Beloved Country to the list? It was absolutely the best book I read last year. Blessings, Angela

Kimberly said...

My basic plan is this: in a crisis will I be ABLE to help others, or be IN NEED of help myself?

I stockpile shop as able. It's not out of fear and it's been really helpful as we no longer have a regular income. It's also cheaper and easier especially now as we live in the middle of nowhere and shopping is done a few hours away.

We've got guns for hunting and fishing poles for fishing. No way I would shoot another person, but I've got no problem with killing animals and it is often the most humane way to do so.