Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday boys and bugs

The two birthday boys, October 2010
We had two family birthdays this past week, one was my hubby (who got another year OLDER) and the other our sweet Matthew... another year CUTER!  Matthew is so sweet and gentle, I told Stephanie that I know he will grow up to be "all boy" but I hope he keeps that loving spirit about him.

To tell you what my husband is like... I had my computer sitting on the floor tucked away the past couple of days.  When I opened it this morning, it had little ANTS all over the inside and I had to start it in safe mode.  Thankfully, it seems to be working fine but I keep having little ants coming OUT OF IT as I type.

Instead of panicking as I did in case they damaged the computer, hubby kept talking about my computer bugs... sigh.  You would think one would learn after many years of marriage when their wife is not amused.  ;)

I knew we were already in our annual spring battle of the ants when I saw some on the bathroom floor but this is the first time they've been in the living room for years... and never before in the computer... which will not be stored tucked under the bench for a long time.

Picture: Taken at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts... the snowy background is fake and yes it was autumn!


Bess at Fixing My Thoughts said...

Computer bugs. Too funny! I don't envy you having to deal with the ants, tho. Where I live it seems to be more of a spider problem (of course, they are probably eating the ants). :o) Your birthday boys are both handsome fellows! Bess

Vee said...

It's the "stating the obvious" that gets old. LOL! Now if you tell your darling that he's growing another year cuter, it'll change things. Yes! It will! Happy birthday to both your birthday boys.

Andrea said...

Here is Kansas we have "hedge apples". I put them about 4-6 ft apart around the outside of my house up next to the foundation. You gather them in the fall and let them lay there and rott all winter. I haven't had ants since I started doing this, and the spider population has decreased as well. Hedge apples are natures insecticide......try it. It is free, and it works :)

MaryC said...

Computer bugs. ;) That so sounds like something my husband would joke about. Here's wishing you a bug-free remainder of the day.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! - the pun, not the ants!
I love your blogs, Brenda. I cannot tell you how many times I have made your yellow cake mix/peaches cake, or your angel food/pineapple cake. Gajillion thank-you's. BTW - I wonder if there's a link of some sort between being smart enough to be an engineer, and the ability to see puns. Hubs here does the same thing - some real doozies, I must say.
Hope you had a blessed Easter Day. Thank you so much for the enrichment you bring to all our homes. God bless you all.
Minnesota mama

Anonymous said...

Sympathies on the ants!! Reminds me that soon we will have our annual kitchen visitors. I use both the boron and sugar mixture and also one of those little clear square traps, with poison liquid that they carry back to the nest. But that can take a week or so to complete. Hubby told me he found fire ants in our back yard this weekend...oh joy!! In the sprinkler he left out all winter, no less...fortunately he had on gloves when he picked it up!! The other type ants are busy too...a constant summer battle!! Let us know if you find some permanent way to get rid of them!!
Blessings, Elizabeth

Becky K. said...

Ants have been so bad this year. We have been fighting them in our family room and both bathrooms but just last night they decided the kitchen was looking good. Uggghhhh.
Not happy.

Well, at least your dear husband was trying to make you smile. LOL

freetobeme - Anita said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Ants....they are the bane of my kitchen right now! I hate ants!

If I put my laptop on the floor overnight in my room, it will have ants all over it in the morning! Yuck!

I completely sympathize with you, Brenda!

Happy birthday to your guys!


matty said...

What a fun sense of humor! Unless it involved me... and my computer!!! :)

Handsome young man!

Heather said...

You need to work on your 'queen for a day' look - as my kids call it - they know right away when 'We aRe NoT AmuSeD'! Hubby knows too, but it only stops him for a moment!

We have tiny tiny little ants too - very early this year! They like the cat and dog food but the little traps really do the trick quickly - an reminding the children to put the lid on the pet food! Why on earth would they go for your computer? Scone crumbs perhaps?

Sally Clarkson said...

that is the cutest picture in the world. Love seeing the two boys. Hope you are ok. Can't say I have ever heard of ants inside a computer--that beats any of my stories. Love to all!
Sally C.

Homequeen said...

What a nice pic! Happy Birthday to your Birthday boys.
Here in Cairo, Egypt, we have an ongoing problem with ants, and as well as mopping the floor with Dettol disinfectant, there's another much more environmentally-friendly tip that the people over here swear by. Cinnamon, either the whole sticks, the ground sticks(powder) or cinnamon oil on a cotton-wool ball.
Place a cinnamon stick at the door, or near the cat's feeding dishes, and you'll never be bothered with ants again, regardless of the number of crumbs on the floor! Give it a go!