Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Baby, it is COLD outside!

It was snowing last night but the sun has come out and all looks beautiful.  I can say that since my neighbor plowed the gravel lane and I can actually get OUT!  Although both cars must remain parked at the end of our driveway (which resembles a small mountain range) and getting to them requires a bit of a hike.

I can take the brutally cold -9 wind chill when the sun is shining on the snow, well... until I walk out to the mailbox to place Valentine's Day cards in it to be on the way to children in New England... then I admit it is prettier from inside the house.

Miss Victoria had to visit Dr. Lisa yesterday about the worsening limp.   It's an immune problem, to be helped with medication.  When Sasha and Storm had to go to the vet's office, they were in a snit for days.  However, Victoria loves to visit Dr. Lisa (where she receives lots of affection) and sees the entire visit as a great adventure and a chance to visit the outside world.  It is just so... her. 

Anyhoo, I'm not so sure she would have been as excited about it if her appointment was for today with the cold winds whipping through the kitty carrier!  She would have required a good brushing upon her return home, if nothing else.

We have entered a stretch where the coldest temperatures this winter will take hold.  Of course, there is no use complaining about it where I live... now friends in Atlanta would have something to mutter about.  I think I'll head for blogs by Australians for awhile and think warm... think warm.  Those who study such things are expecting a hot and dry summer here so cold weather will probably be quite nostalgic by June.

Over the weekend, I made lemon bars using a recipe Stephanie sent me.  We both had Meyer lemons which had to be used quickly (I have read they go bad much quicker than ordinary lemons due to their high sugar content).  Lemon bars always remind me of a proper tea time so I got out my cheerful yellow teapot which has its' permanent home on the microwave, one of my very favorite teacups, and a saucer from my wedding china on which to place the lemon bar for tea.  Lovely...

By the way, you know you have been married awhile when the pattern for your wedding china has been retired.  I only had five place settings purchased before the aforementioned retirement but that was all we needed for a family of four.

We inherited my husband's grandmother's china soon thereafter and my everyday china was enough for most events... but my wedding china makes me feel all warm and cozy, remembering what it was like to be nineteen years old and picking out china patterns.  :)

I promise to very soon post the cowboy casserole recipe as well as the new lentil soup recipe on Coffee Tea Books and Recipes.  But today there are miles to go before I sleep... literally... I have to leave for campus in minutes.


Vintage Gal said...

I'll wait very patiently for the recipes..tee hee LOVE your yellow tea pot. Have a great day ;-)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

What a perfect burst of warm feeling and sunshine from the yellow teapot and the lemon bars! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Here in Canada it's -14. -20 yesterday. Looking forward to trying your lentil soup recipe.
Your yellow teapot looks so cheerful. We have the same one only in sky blue.

Pat said...

Is that Lenox Brookdale? It's my wedding china pattern also. Usually Replacements.com is a good source for additional pieces, if you ever decide to look for them.

Mrs.Rabe said...

My Emily makes fantastic lemon bars. We have never used Meyer Lemons, but noticed a lot of chefs use them. Now I know that they have a higher sugar content. I will have to get some and have Emily try them out!


When I make lemon bars, I spread apricot jam on the crust before adding the lemon filling. It is really delicious, if you like apricots.


Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

It was -13 when we got up this morning here in North Dakota but I think we will get above 0 today and tomorrow we start a warming trend. Very happy about that! The lemon bars look delicious and the cowboy stew sounds really good about this time. Stay safe!

Sunny simple life said...

I have that same teapot in blue, red and white but I love your yellow one!

Carol G. said...

I am anxiously awaiting that cowboy casserole recipe! I could tell when I read the description it would be one my son would also like!!I even did a search...now I shall await yours. Thanks for another uplifting post. I love your descriptions of your kitty cat. Our "Miss Punkin" also took a trip to the vet yesterday and was on her best behaviour. Today she basks in the Oregon sun. It's true the sun made it to Oregon today!