Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The "How I beat inflation by stocking up" series... links to archives

We all have been experiencing sicker (Freudian spelling slip) shock on food prices, lately.  Last night, Christopher arrived home after watching a basketball game at a sports restaurant with friends.  He told me he thought the waiter had made a mistake when he got his bill but apparently it does now cost nearly $19.00 for two appetizers and one Cola!  His friend who was with him told him it is now over $11.00 to eat at one of the "food markets" on campus... that is for one meal.  Those are steep rises in previous costs.

This week, I saw a news program on TV about the large rise in grocery store sales as more people are cooking at home and I can tell you... it may be cheaper than eating out but those prices have all gone up, too.  I wrote a four-part series in 2009 about beating inflation through stocking up. In it, I shared how I keep food prices down as much as possible by stocking the pantry.  Here are those links...

How I stock up 1... here.
How I stock up 2... here.
How I stock up 3... here.
How I stock up 4... here.

It takes work and planning but if you look at how much you save as if you were earning that much per hour, you will be surprised!



Thanks so much for reposting this . . . I have been thinking I want more food on hand and this is just the help I needed.


Scrappy quilter said...

In Canada they are even worse. Have you seen a rise in the price of tp. It's really gone up here. I was saying to hubby last time we went grocery shopping that everything has gone up. You know if it only went up a few cents one might understand. However it's usually up more than 50 cents an item. We just heard as well that our heating costs are going up 2% the first of Feb. Guess we will just have to buckle up even more.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thanks for linking to these posts Brenda...I probably read them the first time, I try to keep a stock of food items, too.

I think an evening re-read of these posts will be a good refresher before my shopping day on Friday.


Lisa said...

Thank you for posting these! I'm going to have to come back and read them when I have some more free time, but I'm looking forward to it!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Hi Brenda...thank you so much for reminding me of these great posts. I really enjoyed them when you first published them, but a refresher is in the books for me!

Vee said...

Wish that I had been in a place to have taken better advantage of the holiday sales...butter, soups, etc. Still, I'm well into January and living off what I did purchase. It's been a blessing. And I never forget to employ your method of "holding back." I never use the last of anything even if it's two small potatoes and an onion. Amazing what one can come up with. Just call me one happy student. :D

TeaGrandma said...

My husband is retired because of health reasons and I am about to. I get stressed thinking about how much less income we will have and how prices are going up. Your blog helps me with two things. Remembering what really makes you happy and that is not how many things you can purchase and that there are many ways to live well on less income. Thank you and please continue your blog. I look for it every day.

TeaGrandma said...

My husband just retired because of health reasons and I am soon to be retired. My worry about how much less income we will have. Your blog helps me remember two things. Happiness and contentment does not depend on how many things you can buy and that you really can live well on much less money. I read your blog every day. Thank you. Your blog really helps me.

Anonymous said...

I love how the newspaper says prices are holding inflation. Then on the very same page tell us how prices in food are going up and will continue to! Doesn't anyone proof read before they publish the paper? :)I take it the person who wrote the first article doesn't go to the grocery stores do the food shopping in his family! :) To make matters worse chocolate is due to raise [again!] very soon.
:( :) Sarah

Lisa Z said...

I have been noticing the prices rising again, too. It alarms me because our budget is so tight and our kids growing bigger and eating more all the time! Time to be even more careful. I enjoy the creativity of it anyway, and love your frugal pantry posts.