Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Packing away the season...

I must admit we are entering into my least favorite meteorological season of the year, that being January through March.  Once Christmas is over, my heart longs for the early warmth of a spring day and to peer out the window over my sink and see the dogwood tree in bloom.

However, such warmth and color are weeks and weeks... and need I say... weeks in the future.  So I enjoy any light which comes into my life right now.  A couple nights ago, I was typing away at the dining room table on the laptop when I noticed the reflection of the Christmas tree against the glass objects on the buffet. 

I had to stop what I was doing and spend some moments just soaking in the sparkle of light reflected... it was as if the light danced on the glass and for a moment I felt as if the world was a little more magical than reality would have us believe.  I felt lost in sparkle.  :)

But it is now a memory as most decorations have been placed back into protective containers, ready for their slumber on garage shelves until Thanksgiving is past come next year.  Only the tree remains full of ornaments and lights, although her hand made angel tree top has been carefully put away, her homespun dress tucked carefully around so she will meet next Christmas without wrinkles.

The house always seems rather stark once the sparkle is packed away.  I will continue to read and sip tea as a candle flickers on the coffee table but it isn't quite the same as the sparkle from the colorful bulbs and the red and the green and the snowmen and the creche and the sweet ornaments and the lights from the tree... all reflecting to me His Light which came in the Darkness.

For many reasons, this Christmas came with an undertone of sadness and melancholy for me.  But it was still full of Beauty to be embraced in spite of... the lack of that which is perfectly desired.

So, I may leave behind the sparkle but the cozy remains to be found in slowly simmering soups and loaves of homemade bread.  A long promised "to read" rests on the coffee table in the living room as I enter the world of Middle Earth and lose myself in The Trilogy... having read The Hobbit but never The Lord of the Rings.  What better way to rediscover a little bit of magic (Narnia magic that is).

I am thinking through my favorite (new to me) books read in 2010 and will soon put them pen to paper... so to speak.  As soon as I can find uninterrupted time to transfer thoughts to paper to keyboard.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

In many places in Europe (and probably many in the US, and certainly in my house) the Christmas decorations are not really up until mid-December and the Christmas tree not up until Christmas Eve. And nothing is taken down until the actual Christmas season is over, on Twelfth Night, January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany. But more and more in my life I have seen people put up their decorations at Thanksgiving and discard them the day after Christmas. It always seems a little sad..............Of course, after January 6th there is still a lot of time waiting for the miracle of spring! Just being outside a little every day can help somewhat. And enjoying the time for what it is, I guess. A time of quieter days and being cozy inside, especially with good books, just as you are planning to do.

Mrs.Rabe said...

One of my favorite parts of the Trilogy is the MUST read them!

My ornaments are off the tree...tree must go out today. It is so dry. We will miss it.

Scrappy quilter said...

Between Christmas day and New Year's I always find myself melancholy for some reason. It's been like that for years. However I love going into a New year, setting goals, dreaming dreams and being thankful for a new year. Have fun reading. I just finished Beverly Lewis's new book The Thorn (highly recommended). Now I'm reading Karen Kingsbury's book Unlocked. Oh the joy of having books. Hugs

freetobeme - Anita said...

I'm in the middle of putting away Christmas for another year, too. It's sad but at the same time exciting to wonder about the new year!

Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean.I will keep my decorations up until after the New Year,I have been known to keep them up through January because I just hate to see the season end.

matty said...

The only thing that keeps me going in this annual quarter is getting outside, just at dusk, to watch the moon come over our mountain.... and reminding myself that we are one day closer to spring! LOL

Anonymous said...

At our home, we take down the tree on New Year's day, but most everything else, the mantel greenery and lights, the swags on the indoor window sills with electric candles, and table top candle centerpieces stay put till the end of January....I like it to stay "wintry" and cozy and leaving those items up helps...and getting outside a bit each day does some seem to cheer me up! Blessings for the New Year, Brenda, I love your writing.

Jenn said...

I took most of our decorations down yesterday. I know how you feel about those winter months that can drag on and on. I am just thankful for the sunshine that is streaming through my windows today!

thearmychapswife said...

It is always a little sad to see the lights come down. I won't take mine down until probably middle of next week because my kids beg to have them stay!

Enjoy your Trilogy! I read through the whole set a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, but then I love the movies too!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Rabe is right - the appendices are wonderful! I just reread the trilogy a couple months ago. I also love Tom Bombadil, near the beginning. Wish he'd been in the movie version.

Our decorations are still up, and will be for a few more days, since we're camping for New Year's. No tree this year - no emotional energy for putting one up. I have loved having the extra candles & greenery up, though.

My winter reading will include some Jane Austen knock-offs and the book I chose for my turn to host bookclub in January: Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. Rather Austeny, but modern. Read with a pot of tea.
Connie in San Diego

Anonymous said...

I listened to LOTR on cd read by an Englishman. Beautiful voice but I kept falling asleep! Love, love, love the movies.
I have been enjoying "The Christmas Bride" by Grace Livingston Hill along with a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea. I am planning on Jan Karon's new one next but I have heard such mixed reviews!
Itching to clear the decorations so i can really clean but the lights are so pretty at night. My tree is the last thing to be put away.
Thank you for such a cozy blog, Brenda. It is a bright spot in my day, Dee

Anonymous said...

It's always sad when the Xmas decorations are put away and it's 3 months of winter until spring.
In mid February, when I can't stand any more winter it's Flower Day at our house. I splurge and buy some flowers to brighten up the living room. Even a bunch of inexpensive daisies from the grocery store will do. Sort of a morale booster.