Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas at my house... part two

I collected Christmas items from the beginning of married life because I loved turning our home into Christmas magic (Narnia magic).  I would often purchase one item full price each year to add to my collection.  I'd also shop the after Christmas sales for pretty items on clearance and then just tuck them away in the boxes.  The next year, it would be like opening Christmas gifts to myself.  :)

When I had a much larger house to decorate, I would also be looking for Christmas and other holiday items at thrift shops and garage sales, too.  I've long since downsized my Christmas collection, only holding on to my favorites now that I have only a few shelves to hold all of them. Once in awhile, I will still purchase an inexpensive Christmas item at a thrift shop or a garage sale, especially if it is quite vintage-y.

Here are scenes from my family room.  For the first couple of years we lived here, I didn't feel very comfy in this room.  I think I was trying to make it more cottage style (because Stephanie does such a wonderful job with cottage!)  Now it is a combination of my favorite country and primitive items as well as new "stuff" Stephanie sent with me when we visited in October.

This thrift store bench-table holds a collection of favorites.  While the oil lamp, sweet lamb, and birdhouse are out all year, I thought they also fit in well with a Christmas display.

This table shows a little of my snowman collection.  It used to have a rather large oval lampshade and I removed some hardware so this smaller shade Stephanie gave me would fit.  I like it much better.

The feather tree stays out all year long.  I love the look it adds to primitive decorating.

Below are a couple more items Stephanie sent home with me in October.  They were objects which did not fit well into her new home.  Okay, that pretty "window" looked just fine in a corner of her bedroom but she's going to move something else there eventually and I told her it would look great in my house (hint, hint).  :)

The "window" usually has a small wreath surrounding the "Faith" sign.  It will return once I pack away the Christmas stuff.  I love the primitive country Santa decoration tucked in the "window".  It was purchased at after Christmas clearance sales last year with a gift from a friend.

I already had the herbs (from my garden) and country stars on the peg "board" Stephanie sent home with me but I added the sweet wreath from Goodwill for a Christmas look.  I've already decided it will stay there even after Christmas has been packed away for next year... one can never have too many deep red accessories in her home.  :)

This room also holds my "soft" snowmen collection.  

I should say that my walls in this room are a soft, cream color (with the slightest of butter yellow tinting).  However, I have to use the flash when I take pictures in this house and it makes it all look so... white.

Tomorrow I'll share what I've done in the kitchen and the rest of my snowman collection.  Now you know why it took me three days to decorate.  I was determined to get in a cozy Christmas mood (it worked).


Mrs.Rabe said...

My favorite thing is that peg board with your herbs and the wreath that you found at Goodwill! I agree about the deep red accessories for your home, too!

I think you and my mom have such cute snowmen collections!

Thanks for sharing your decorations!

Vee said...

Stephanie is a great resource! She will probably be sending things along that don't work for her for years! How fun...

Your snowman collection is adorable and I love the window. I also enjoyed reading that there are some Christmas things that remain out all year long...here, too. It provides a connection from one Christmas to the next, which works perfectly for me.

Mel said...

Love the window and the decorations in it.

I also keep a tree in our guest bathroom up all year with white lights, It adds to that country feel.

I cannot pick just one snowman for a favorite, I'm a collector too.... They are all cute.

Winter Blessings,

Anonymous said...

so cute & Christmassy!!
I too have lots of red in my home -one of my favorite colors!

freetobeme - Anita said...

I love your snowman collection. They warm my heart!

Terra said...

I enjoyed this tour of your Christmas decorations, and the stories of how you obtained them.

Scrappy quilter said...

It's so fun seeing what you've done to make your home magical this Christmas. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Love that "window"! What a great idea.

moreofhim said...

I just love all your great ideas and everything is so beautiful. You shop like I do! I love getting a good bargain - it makes me happy. :)

Thank you for your wonderful blog. I visit every day - I don't always comment - and I always look forward to it. It's the perfect end to my day.

God bless you - Julie