Saturday, September 04, 2010

When doing the dishes is enjoyable

You know you've been too busy when you appreciate the feel of sudsy hot water while looking through the window to watch the antics of squirrels acting... squirrely.  :)

Christopher has his car back, we have ours (patched up to make it run!), and my husband finished his two weeks of early semester work at the bookstore.  I feel I have survived a marathon.  As I said in the last post, I lived my life for many years at high speed.  Perhaps the gift chronic illness has given me is the way it forces one to slow down.

Victoria is in a snit, having received little attention recently.  We have decided Sasha and Storm thought they were human as they came to live with us when they were weaned from their Mama.  Victoria, on the other hand, was a rescued cat (our vet says she is around four years old now) and came with... issues. 

For instance, she thinks it is just hilarious to stalk my feet and jump out when I least expect it.  I think she has had too much time to ponder recently and this is what she has come up with...

I had to sit her down and have a serious human-kitty discussion.  I let her know that there is now time to sit and watch Jane Austen or an Anne movie or perhaps a couple of cooking shows with a cat curled up on my lap. 

She can sit beside me as I work on the Book Recommendations list or some pantry ponderings.  However, all of this will only happen if she does not cause serious injury when her human is walking beside the forest green swivel chair in the living room.  Sheesh...


Anonymous said...

I love Victoria, she's so beautiful.. she looks so sweet curled up in the basket :) ~Darby

Mrs.Rabe said...

We had a cat raised from kittenhood, who would do that but only to my younger brother....

Victoria is a pretty girl...she must learn to play nice!

jAne said...

** the gift chronic illness **

oh, this has deep meaning
for sometimes the Lord allows
us to be brought to a place
where all we can do is look
up. and in looking up, we
have a choice:
to become bitter
to become better
.simple as that.

** kitty snit **
i like that. snicker.


Marie said...

Hi Brenda,
I could not help but laugh when you mentioned Victoria jumping out at your legs when you least expected it. We had a cat, Angel, and she came to us as a baby kitten--so cute. I played hide and seek with her and that was fun. Well, when I had my major back surgery, Angel didn't know that things should be different and she would hide behind the chair and jump out as I walked by. I am sorry to say that we had to let a friend take her because this was just too dangerous for me.
Bless her heart, she didn't know that us girls just couldn't have fun any more.

Brenda Leyland said...

They let us know when things are out of order in their little furry worlds!

I just found Miss Kitty in a ball on the floor in our bedroom, waiting for me to come and pet her with her favorite nubby glove. It was a sign that she thinks she hasn't had enough attention either.

I know what you mean about the joy of putting one's hands into hot sudsy water... our days are cooler and it feels wonderful.

Wishing you joy bubbles and palmolive hands, not to mention sunshine in your heart.....

Anonymous said...

Love the 'human-kitty discussion'and the cute pictures of your cat. She looks like she's listening carefully too.

Anonymous said...

I lost my cat from old age last month. They leave an empty spot hard to fill.I just got a kitty, I already love him but she will never replace my older cat..She is a stray and we called her Colombina.

ME :) said...

hilarious - well from the kitty's perspective - not probably from yours :)! I love your blog! Sunshine

Anonymous said...

What a magnificent creature your Victoria is! I love the way you write about her... and the way you write, period.

I hope Victoria is keeping her claws in as she plays with you!

I'm glad your life has slowed down a bit again.

Cathy said...

Aww cute kitty! My jewish grandmother used to say she was grateful for garbage because that meant there was food in the house. I suppose the same can be said for dishes....... : )

matty said...

It must be a found kitty thing. Wookie does this and I declare that I think he giggles when he does it!

Good to visit for a little bit. I have missed you!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

What a gorgeous kitty--sounds like she has purrrsonality too! lol