Thursday, September 02, 2010

Still on the gerbil wheel

 I need a massage and a cup of tea...

I really did think this week would be far less stressful than it has been.  A number of circumstances came together for form a perfect storm of juggling cars, schedules, and the checkbook.

This afternoon, I had a few uninterrupted hours to assemble and bake pumpkin bread, doubling my usual recipe (which already makes two loaves).  I put the big motor in the mixer to good use!

I used my same Amish pumpkin bread recipe I've used since I found it in Country Woman magazine eons ago (remember when they had an Amish lady who had a regular column, this was one of her recipes).  I added chocolate chips as usual (my addition to the recipe) and also a bag of cinnamon chips.

Then after transferring some of the batter to the baking pan that has eight small loaves, I added pecans to the remainder.  The small loaves are going to be in the car when we drop it off on campus tonight to thank Christopher for loaning us his car (which really has caused challenges for his coming and going to campus at night, his Co-op is at the very edge of a large campus).  Two of the other three loaves (with pecans) are gifts.

I will pick up hubby from the bookstore, drive to the town near us to pick up the car (which I've already paid for), and drive back to the Cooperative where Christopher lives to drop off his car... then make our way HOME.  Hubby is at the end of his two weeks seasonal job at the bookstore, tomorrow being his last day until the end of the semester.  Which is why our car breaking down twice in this two week period was especially difficult.

Enough complaining!  At least I can almost see an end (for awhile) to the chaos. I find it remarkable that I lived for years and years at this speed.  :)

There are quite a few people I've made friendships with through this blog and Heather L. is one of them (as compared to my friend Heather without the L.).  Heather is around Stephanie's age and had her fifth child close to the same time.  They just found out baby Laura will be needing heart surgery.  Please go here to read about it and remember Laura and the family in your prayers.  Update on Laura... here.


Vee said...

You're a sweetie to be baking gifts and they sound great and I'll be checking out this recipe. I want to bake just as soon as I comfortably can...heat wise and no hurricane wise, though the latter sounds as if it's just going to be a big old windstorm at this point.

How disappointing that hubby's income was sucked up by these unexpected breakdowns. I'm sure that you both were making other plans. Your faith is an inspiration and shows me that you are counting on the Lord and not on paychecks. Didn't Oral Roberts used to say that "God is my Source." Not anyone or anything else.

You've raised a good son to be willing to help out in tough times. I know that God will honor his sacrifice not only with yummy treats, but in other ways as well.

Brenda Leyland said...

Like you, I can't imagine how I survived the gerbil wheel lifestyle for so many years.

Here's wishing you grace-filled, mercy-loaded strength to get through this 'storm' too!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love how you said that you can't believe you have lived for years and years at this speed! I feel like that a lot!

I am going to try that pumpkin bread recipe, I am kind of tired of mine. The addition of the chocolate chips would be a huge hit around here!

Whenever we seem to have extra finances around here, I have learned to ask "I wonder what is going to break down or need to be replaced" as God is always good to send what we need often before we even know we need it!

I know your bread will be a blessing to you.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I meant to say that your bread would be a blessing to those you made it for! Would you edit my comment for me?! I am losing my mind! :)

Echoes From the Hill said...

I'm sure you and your husband had other plans for his extra income, but what a blessing that it was available to pay for the car repairs.
Must be the season for car repairs. My husband just had to pay $1850.00 to repair his vehicle and my best friend just had repairs just under $2,000.00, which put a strain on her budget. At least the mechanics are making a living!
I will try your pumpkin bread recipe. I've been using one from the Tightwad Gazette for years, but yours sounds wonderful.
I'll be praying for Heather's baby.