Tuesday, September 07, 2010

All kinds of things "To Do"

What a restful holiday we had here.  We both needed a quiet day with time to ponder and read.  I had made a large batch of vegetable beef soup on the weekend so except for grilling burgers and potatoes for a late lunch, cooking was already taken care of.

Hubby was given a large bag of apples over the weekend, what one would call "seconds".  I can see (very soon) popping a good DVD in to watch while peeling the apples.  I think there are enough apples (if most are good) to make applesauce and turn it into apple butter.   I have a recipe for Brown County apple butter which I haven't used in years... which means I have to remember where I put it.  Hmmm...

Later today I hope to post the Books Read in August and begin working on the second Book and Film Recommendations List (only ten months late!).  If all goes well... and that is a big if considering how many times I've tried to get it written... it will be posted by the end of the week.  :)

I want to write a new pantry series, too.  I will at least start on it soon.  There are a few reasons behind the desire to write these new posts.

First, I've heard more than a few secular and Christian leaders say in the past few months that they feel people should be  "stocking up" on food and supplies. 

Second, I received an e-mail update a few weeks ago from an emergency preparedness site that I normally respect.  The e-mail contained their recommendations for what to purchase each week (on a budget) until one had six months to a year's worth of food "stocked up".  I was appalled by their recommendations

I started out online (in the 1990s) as a writer and moderator on an emergency preparedness site and one thing I have found time and time again... it is always easy to tell who lives from their pantry and whose list is entirely theory.

Third, I've had a lot of comments and e-mails asking for more pantry posts.  I think as the weather starts to cool (here in the Northern Hemisphere), it gets us thinking of stocking up.

All writing being accomplished in between cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, and giving Victoria the attention she demands deserves.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Can't wait for your reading list and the pantry posts!

I have been building a pantry the last year or so, and I need to do some work on it for sure.

Have a lovely week.

Suze said...

Gah!! What is the URL for the Emergency site? I would like to see what their list is.....isn't it fun living in "interesting" times???

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I wish I could find again a book I read years ago - maybe 25 years ago - by a Protestant minister's wife. It was about menus and recipes for truly frugal eating, maybe more frugal than would be healthy for a long time, but truly frugal in contrast to other books that say they are. I somehow didn't recall the title and the library weeded it out. But I've seen other books that say they are about frugal eating and are nothing of the sort. This was too flour and potato based, but she always had onions and herbs and spices, and it was quite clever. She wrote from her own experience.

Lentils would certainly be on my stockpile list. Well, they are. We eat lentil soup a lot when the weather is cooler. It has good nutrition and doesn't need a lot of fuel to cook and can be done very deliciously.

But I agree with you that some people only know frugal stockpiling from theory, and it isn't enough.

This is the time of year that one can buy freshly harvested things for the least money and dehydrate or can or even freeze them. It's the natural time to stockpile, and the traditional one too, I believe.

Amanda said...

I am very interested in hearing how your real experience in stockpiling differs from that of the article. I also would like to know the URL for their list it.

Yesterday I did up 40 pounds of tomatoes from my garden into marinara sauce. Our power went out due to storms in the area so I will have to finish reducing it tonight and get it canned up. It tasted so wonderfuly! I love stockpiling and cannot wait to hear what you have to say about the new recommendations.

Ann said...

Love your site, Brenda. Your spiritual insights make me stop and think and ponder my own life ... that's good for me. And your frugal lifestyle encourages me to be more careful and less "worldly" in my pursuits. Blessings, Ann

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

I am finally "catching-up" on my blog reading...I just love your pantry posts.

I too,have been taking my stocking-up very seriously. I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

So glad to have your sage advise!

Yours kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Anonymous said...

Yikes! What was it that appalled you?

Friend Debra

Anonymous said...

We have always had a lot stocked up and now that the family is small again we are using some of it up and reevaluating what we need to keep on hand. Things change through the years. I am going to dry more again and can in smaller batches. I too would love to know the site you were talking about you trust and what was different in their lists. One thing too is that we need here to keep some of the supplies that could stand the heat/cold in areas out of the home. Like a container on the patio out of the sun and such that keeps any damp out. Things like extra tp or anything like solar blankets needed for emergency in this earthquake prone area. Also don't forget to add some Red Cross first aid books. Canned goods will not work outside but many things will if kept safe from bugs and dampness and as much as possible the changing weather. An extra can opener can be there though! You can have doubles inside and a bag close for taking if you have to leave your home but least some will be outside in case you can't stay in. To much to think of somedays it seems!! :) We get solar blankets and such small things to add to the grandkids and grown children's Christmas stockings each year! Helps the family add to their stock. Teens love a Swiss Army knife! Looking forward to another good article Brenda! Thankyou! Kathy