Monday, August 16, 2010

Stephanie writes again

 Stephanie in England last summer

The weather here is gorgeous!  I was driving on a narrow country road this morning... one with those sudden "S" curves... windows rolled down and K-Love playing I Can Only Imagine... the August corn turning to gold in the fields as I made my way in and out of woods and fields... sigh.  One of those golden mornings of summer I'll be sorry to leave behind albeit they have been very rare this year.

We are taking advantage of the nicer weather to begin cleaning the garage.  It must be done and better now than later.  I know once everything is nice and tidy, I will be happy that is how I spent my good weather days.

In the meantime, I direct you to my daughter's long neglected but updated blog... Cottage Thoughts.  I must admit to hoping she has the time to keep up her blog now that the move is behind them.

She is not only a wonderful writer but a former interior designer, Charlotte Mason homeschooler, gourmet cook, and my fellow lover of all things British... not to mention a bibliophile.  Recently she texted me waxing poetic about her new bookshelves because she new I'd understand.  :)

I'll write more later, especially about my first day of the empty nest syndrome.  In the meantime.  you can reach Cottage Thoughts... here.


matty said...

Hope you are adjusting to the empty nest. Before you know it, it will be the holidays and your house will be full!


From one empty nester to another!


Vee said...

Okay, since you're giving me the boot, I'll go and visit Stephanie. Cleaning the garage is tops on my list, too, but I'll have to do some more recuperating first.

Jennifer said...

We must live close to each other...I get K-love too! I'm in Monroe, Michigan. Are you close? Have a great day!

jAne said...

we're very near to that 'empty nest' reality. any advice? :o)

off to read your daughter's post.


Anonymous said...

I am in Italy, right now, taking care of my mom. My two college kids are in Minnesota...Uaoo I miss them so much! How do you deal with such a distance?