Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My quest for kale as well as a link for vintage books

Hello my friends, it continues to be so pretty here.  I dropped my husband off to pick up our car (nearly $300 to fix!) and drove to my favorite nursery for cauliflower and kale plants.  They had plenty of cauliflower but no kale, even seeds.  I found out from the staff that kale has been very hard to get this year... which made me want it even more... human nature being what it is.

That meant a stop by the nursery at Walmart on the way home, where I found just a few plants left and came home hugging two of them... mine, all mine, do you hear me!  Feeling much the same way as I do with my cans of pumpkin, which are impossible to find on grocery shelves.  Whatdoyathink... with the heat this summer, there should not be a shortage of all things squash this year!!

I bought a few seed packages while at the nursery to add to a couple I didn't use this year... safely tucked into a ZipLock bag and stored in the frig on my insulin shelf (the safest place).  I will share my summer gardening experiences and what I learned this year on a later post.

Yesterday I sent you to my daughter's blog and I should have explained her last two posts. She is in the midst of telling the story about how her already busy life turned upside down with a move during her last trimester of pregnancy. 

I can't tell you how many phone texts, conversations, and then e-mails crossed each others' path as I encouraged her that this will all be behind her and she will enjoy her new (to her) house... and that I would survive bronchitis!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the birthday of Coffee Tea Books & Me, tune in for a birthday give-a-way.  In the meantime, my sweet and talented friend Lanier has set up an online vintage book store.  Sigh... she even has The Dean's Watch.  You can fine her ever changing list of books... here.

See you tomorrow!


The Working Home Keeper said...

I'm attempting a fall garden for the first time, and planted two varieties of kale. I love kale chips!

Mary Ellen

Vee said...

I'm so glad that your weather has moderated enough for you to enjoy it. Sorry about the cost of car repairs...ugh. I really enjoyed reading Stephanie's blog post yesterday and will return to find out the rest of the story. I don't know about your stores, but the shelves here are empty and that includes our regular markets as well as Wal*Mart. Something's going on...

Heather L. said...

I actually never found kale seeds, though I looked hard. But, have decided that is providence as I don't have much time for a fall garden just now.

Jodi said...

I left the bare stalks of kale in the garden last year. And even though the winter was harsh they grew leaves back this spring and summer. I don't know if this is typical because I had never planted kale before.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I love kale, too, and even the seeds are difficult to find. However, we do get it from the CSA farm. Kale and parsley are so great because I can harvest them with snow on the leaves and they're still good. Such happiness!