Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Late summer... already?

While I will be happy to wave goodbye to the three H's (hot, humid, hazy) in the rear view mirror, I must admit to being a tad bit sad to see summer flying by... an odd combination of "good riddance" and "don't leave me, I'm not ready!".

I love my garden.  I love the way the house is surrounded by all shades of green.  I love looking out the picture window from the dining area to view one huge tree limb draping itself right in the line of sight (we should trim the limb since my husband must avoid it when he mows... but it gives such beauty and shade).  I almost love the way the dense section of forest is all wild and primeval as I walk to the rural mailboxes... wondering what (or who?) lives within.  I love waves and waves of tall corn in the field.

I do not love the heat.

I love sitting on the sofa reading as my son walks in the front door and catching a whiff of... pig?  No, I am told... I am smelling lama... as he shares his adventures of racing (twice) in the greased watermelon contest at the 4-H fair.  I still say he smelled like pig.  This past weekend, a group of friends drove to the Indiana Dunes for a day of fun and sun.  Mother was reminding him there were thunderstorms in that area and to be careful around Chicago... which had received over 8" of rain and the Interstate was flooded (as if he didn't know)!  They arrived just as the storms were heading east and enjoyed a lovely day... memories to take as they all return to colleges and universities next month.

He has received e-mails as to when he will move onto campus and who his roommates will be... and had a "friend request" on Facebook from one already (they put him in with two studious engineering students)... a good thing.  Already plans are made about what to take with him and work arrangements for combining classes and work commitments.

Summer is almost over and I still haven't made it to the farmer's market (cash being tight right now).  But I have a great garden.... limited options but fresh and tasty food.  The heat has kept me inside more than usual and closer to home but when one lives in the country at the edge of a forest and within sight of a beautiful red barn... that's not all bad.  :)

Yesterday I took a book back to the library for my husband and decided to peruse the cookbook aisles... bringing home a stack of books on cooking with pasta and beans... getting ideas for more vegetarian meals when I'm cooking for just the two of us.  On the "new nonfiction" shelf was a cookbook for diabetics written by a chef (who is a Type 2 diabetic).  It was filled with good, whole food recipes and lots of ideas for cooking with pasta for diabetics... it came home with me, too.

The days are passing quickly and it seems I just go to bed when the alarm rings at 6:30 to get Christopher off for class... something I won't miss when he lives on campus.  Having to work on the "little bit at a time" basis, the days are full with much to do both inside and out. 

I don't want summer to pass with regrets over what I didn't get to do (at little or no expense) so this is a season when blogging gets placed on the back burner to receive attention and a little stirring as time permits, especially in the next few weeks.  So...

I will post recipes on the recipe blog when time, energy, and access to the desktop computer (often in use by hubby) all come together, which may be weeks away.  As for the e-mail about the new book recommendation list... ditto.  I will be reposting favorite pantry posts from the past (say that three times quickly) as well as some more pantry pics... which I started before that whole bronchitis thing.

My husband asked what I wanted to do for my birthday tomorrow, he is mowing a friend's lawn today for some extra money.  After being cooped up with illness for so long, I told him McDonald's will be fine this year (or perhaps we'll really bust the budget and go to Wendy's!).  After being so ill, I'm just glad to be able to breath again!  Life has a way of helping us appreciate what is really important.


Mrs.B said...

I always love reading at your blog. Glad you are feeling better.

Yes it is always sad when summer is over but then the best season starts, AUTUMN!! I could live in autumn year round.

You post was just lovely

In HIS care,
Mrs. B

Vee said...

Happy Birthday a day early, Brenda! Your hubby is a sweetheart mowing a lawn for some extra cash. Savor that burger wherever you go! It is the little things after all that we remember most fondly. You do whatever must be done and don't give the blog a thought until you're ready. We'll be right here! After all this time, I just became a follower. ;>

Katie said...

Hi Brenda,
"Happy Birthday!" to you! I hope you have a lovely celebration.

I, too, am trying to enjoy the pleasures of this summer season while it's here... but I'll confess to anticipating autumn! :)

jules said...

Have a wonderful Birthday day tomorrow Brenda!

Brenda Leyland said...

Brenda, I had to chuckle as I was reading........ it all started when you caught a whiff of a lama???

Aren't libraries wonderful? When the 'budget is tight' we can still head out and bring home an armful of treasures that can take us wherever we want.

May I add my happy wishes on your birthday tomorrow. And whether it's the Golden Arches or Wendy's, I know that you will have a good time together, because I know that's a gift you have..... to discover beauty in amidst the rocks.


PS.. had a smile at your comment on my post about Victoria and your hubby. Cute

Deb said...

I think birthdays are extra special times and love to celebrate even more than just one day! I hope you have a wonderful one tomorrow. Happy Birthday! (I still read every post even though I seldom comment.) :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a very happy birthday, Brenda! May this new year bring many of God's blessings your way.