Saturday, July 10, 2010


When we first moved to this house, my husband wanted to clear out some of the Hostas on the back fenceline.  Until the first time he saw the flowers they produced.  :)

This picture was taken last week after their peak and they are still pretty.

Thank you for your comments about our house.  We have a small-ish house but a huge yard. 


matty said...

I love the hostas and the house! This week in Concord the hostas are outdoing themselves! I so adore them, don't you??

Visiting with you online is like a nice little chat with a good friend.

Suze said...

So lovely. Breathe in those summer scents to store up for colder months. I hope you're able to get out to the porch with your coffee/tea and enjoy a lovely Bible study/reading time.

Tracy's corner said...

I love hosta too.