Friday, April 02, 2010

A taste of summer

 Grandmother's china Easter 2008

We went from shivering to glistening (women glisten, men sweat) these past few days.  On one hand, I've enjoyed the warmth of the sun when outside but... as I refuse to turn on the air conditioner this soon... it has been a tad on the stuffy side in the house.

Today some windows are opening to air the house out, even if my poor husband has to wear a mask.  Which, by the way, he does wear at times when he mows the lawn.  I tell him he looks like the mower bandit.  :)

Some brief bloggy business... I tested the e-mail address and it worked fine.  Whatever glitch was in the system should be okay now.  If anyone is still having trouble with e-mail subscriptions and the pictures, I'd suggest making one more attempt to unsubscribe and subscribe again since I simplified the blog's graphics.  Otherwise, the problem is with the server or e-mail provider.

Simplifying the graphics should also help it load easier (I wouldn't dare get rid of the music, I'd have too many people who listen to it during the day tar and feather me!).

My husband is very impressed with the pruning and lawn work I was able to accomplish a little at a time.  There is only one small section of fenceline where the growth is too high now for me to rake the leaves and dry brush (although I did get the pruning done there).  It is in a back corner of the yard where we rarely go, anyway.

We picked up Christopher's car from the body shop yesterday and immediately dropped the Buick off at our mechanic's garage (ugh).  Which meant I was at the McDonald's near campus reading a magazine and nibbling a salad from the dollar menu when Christopher finished his last class of the day.  He had been up until 3:30 am working on a computer program and was quite ready to come home for a two hour nap before going back to campus to study.  He is SO ready for the weekend.  :)

Speaking of which, I'm hoping to do a little baking today, to give the guys a healthier treat than Christopher's recent Little Debbie snack overdose.  I need to peruse the pantry to see what I can make for Easter dessert.  Saturday evening I'll make cinnamon roll dough in the bread machine and let it rise overnight in the frig for an Easter breakfast treat.  

I've defrosted the chicken wings I found on sale to serve Saturday as they watch the Michigan State game.  It is looking more like we'll stand by the Big Ten team instead of Butler even if the Indianapolis team has been the greatest Cinderella story since Hoosiers (as I've said before... a great movie about a true story). Perhaps one of us will back the Butler team just to make it interesting.

Grandmother's china needs to be rinsed and dried for its' Easter dinner starring role on the table.  Simple food is made festive with the pretty china.

Lots to do in the next few days and all "a little at a time".  :)


Becky K. said...

Have a blessed Easter. It sounds like things are going well at your place and that is good news. Glad you are feeling stronger after this past hard winter.

Becky K.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

How beautiful your grandmother's china is in that photograph! I so agree with your philosophy of life, of celebrating the beauty of it. Thank you Brenda!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Your Grandmother's china is just beautiful!

Sorry about the car issues. It's good that you have a trusted mechanic.

We were so uncomfortable yesterday! It was hot and the house was hot. I had to bring out all the fans out of storage. I think it's going to be a brutal summer.

I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter weekend!


Sallie@aquietsimplelife said...

We turned on the AC yesterday. I don't care it if is 85 degrees in February, June or October. Hot is hot. Then we'll go back to our sweaters next week as it drops back into the 50's. I don't mind. I am not ready for the mid 80's yet!

Glad to hear you are (probably) going to do the right thing and pull for MSU. ;-)

I said before I didn't care if they won or not since I was so happy they just made it into the Final Four. But since NO ONE is giving us a chance of winning even against Butler, I'm really hoping the Spartans run them into the ground - Hooisers II or not. :-)

matty said...

I am sure that anything you serve will be DELICIOUS! Enjoy the lovely day and reflections of He Who Loves Us All.



Mrs.Rabe said...

Happy Easter Brenda!

The china is so beautiful...I think I am going to use our china this Sunday. Sometimes we go casual on Easter so we can really enjoy the day, but I think I will set a beautiful table this year. Thanks for the inspiration.