Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Tea (a little early)

My ponderings this week have had a great deal to do with Holy Week.  I love Easter, it is the perfect combination of Christian holiday and springtime renewal.

Oh, I understand the name Easter has pagan origins and some of my friends use such names as Resurrection Day when talking about it but I long ago decided the pagans can't have the name.

For in my world Easter had nothing to do with paganism and everything to do with the Resurrection of Christ so it was and will always be... Easter.

Now, don't throw stones at me but Christmas has never been as much a spiritual holiday but one centered around home and family and all things that sparkle.  Perhaps I feel this way because I wasn't raised in a Christian home?  I'm not sure but even as I read scripture in the Advent season, it has none of the deep spiritual meaning I feel at Easter.

I read a very interesting perspective in a book about the Resurrection that helped me understand this a bit.  The writer talked about how "the world" could secularize Christmas but never Easter.  He felt this had to do with "the world" not being able to wrap its' brain around the idea of the Resurrection. 

Yes... that could be it!  We all know babies (with little thought to a natural or virgin birth) but few of us have ever met anyone claimed to be raised from the dead. 

For that is what it is all about, you know.  St. Paul said if the Resurrection is not true then we of all people are without hope.  It is because of Christ arising from the dead that I can have my imperfections (ie: sin) washed away.  It is His nail scarred hands that hold me close as the world assaults my thinking and the road becomes too difficult to walk at times.

It is in the knowing He has gone before me to prepare a Place, the perfect Place, the Place my heart longs for... that causes me to look past the darkness in this world, knowing it is not my real home.  The Resurrection power is that which brings healing to the soul.  The Resurrection is the Reason He could take the Keys of the Kingdom back to the Father.

The combination of His Resurrection and the world around me awakening with new life brings both hope and joy to my tired soul.

I pray for all of you a blessed Easter.  :)


Mrs.Rabe said...

He IS Risen, Brenda!

He is Risen, Indeed!

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. It's exactly how I think about both holidays myself. And, I still call it Easter. I was starting to think I was the only one until I read your post this morning. It brought back thoughts of Emily Dickinson's poem, "I'm a nobody! Who are you?" Rather comforting to know I am not alone.

Have a Blessed Easter!


matty said...

Happy EASTER, dear Brenda!

As an English major, I believe that words only have the power WE give them. Claiming Easter as symbolic for Resurrection works just lovely for me! Perhaps those who don't understand that Easter was "pagan" don't understand that taking the word they used to give meaning to the Christian belief was brilliant. It gave folks a common term, but it was transformed by the meaning. Think of it as learning a new language...

So, Happy Easter, joyous Resurrection!


Vee said...

Our church uses the phrase "Resurrection Day" and so when I say "Easter" I've found myself clapping my hand over my mouth. Silly me! Easter it shall be and Resurrection Day, too. Whatever we call it, the day represents the best possible news! Blesssings to you this Easter...

Anonymous said...

I think there IS difference in Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the promise of salvation. He has come to save (in the future) the people from their sins. Resurection is that salvation promise paid in full. Resurrection is the salvation of his people. Without it all would be in vain. No wonder it touches us so very deeply.
God bless you as you have blessed me everyday when I read your encouraging words.

Sherri said...

Brenda, Happy Easter!

freetobeme - Anita said...

Thanks, Brenda. You've cleared my mind. I was finding myself getting caught up in this Easter vs. resurrection but not really liking it. So from now's both, as it's always been. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Easter and Resurrection Day.

Anonymous said...

Easter and Christmas--both beautiful celebrations. It's all a matter of the heart. "To the pure, all things are pure..." Titus 1:15 We can find paganism, materialism and so much evil in things if we look long enough or allow the little foxes to spoil the vine. Yet, if we see with the eyes of a child, the good most definitely outweighs the bad. Christ is greater.

Have a beautiful Easter.

Becky said...

I feel the same way about Christmas and Easter as you do. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

Anonymous said...

"It is finished!" Some of my favorite words in the Bible.

Friend Debra