Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still working and resting and resting and working

The garden last summer

Actually, while chatting with you all I am also watching my West Ladies DVD about herbs.  Technology is a wonderful thing (and I am always mentally thanking my blog friend who gave me the laptop when our old computer kept crashing).  :)

I can't tell you how enjoyable the canning and herb DVDs are to watch.  There is so much to learn and they are nice to view over and over (as I'm a visual learner... and slower the older I get... sigh).   It also makes me hope hubby can build the second raised bed (or using the lumber for three small raised beds) soon.  I'll have a little extra money the beginning of May for the garden and I'd love to use some of it for herbs.  If we do build three smaller beds, we may use one of them for strawberries.  Still pondering that decision...

I'm resting a bit after being outside working... actually, I'm resting a lot.  That is a hot sun for April.  Which reminds me, I shouldn't have watched that disaster movie recently about the sun burning up the earth.  Especially with such a hot April.  Creepy...  It's a good thing we're getting back to normal soon or one would begin to wonder.

The raised bed has been hoed and weeded but the decision was made to hoe once more before planting... letting the hot sun bake the soil a little to kill more weeds.  One side of the raised bed will be planted with the two different kinds of green beans.  The other side will get other veggies and the tomato plants.   I decided not to plant squash this year since it takes up so much of the raised bed, I'll plant it again next year (if and when) we extend the garden. 

This morning I continued my "little bit at a time" spring cleaning by moving the extra bags of chocolate chips from the garage to the deep drawer in the kitchen where I'd cleared room for them (they share the drawer with my extra boxes of tea).  When it begins to get warmer, there are a few items that are better kept inside where they benefit from the air conditioning. 

I had to teach myself a different way of housekeeping when I developed a chronic illness and it does work so nicely now.  There are good benefits about housework (lawn and garden work, crafting, cooking, sewing, etc.) done a little at a time... such as... one eventually gets a lot done, it is better to accomplish a little than get behind, and... one can always do a little more when time and energy make it possible.

Over time I have learned to divide work... such as making bread dough for cinnamon rolls in the evening (I use my bread machine on dough cycle), letting it rise in the frig overnight, and then rolling it out in the morning.  I often make either chicken or beef soup stock one day and then finish it the next (which also allows the fat to be skimmed off easier). 

Like my mother-in-law used to do, I like to assemble casseroles in the morning and then pop them in the oven later for dinner... which means all the clean up was also done in the morning.  Of course, there is always the CrockPot with dinner assembled in the morning to serve later.  So many ways to divide work when necessary.

One doesn't have to experience a chronic illness to do a little at a time for there are so many times in life that one experiences less energy (pregnancy, colds and flu, etc.) or time (sports practices, seasonal church activities, work outside the home, etc.).  It's just a different way of thinking and doing but it works (for me).  :)


Anonymous said...

Brenda, I have looked and looked and cannot find the Amazon button on your page (and I use it quite a lot!) Does it look different? Is it me?

Friend Debra

PS I am reading The White Witch.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm trying to think about this way of doing things too, especially when it comes to making meals, as I am finding myself much more tired in the evening, than I used to be. That makes creating dinner feel more like a chore, than a pleasure. I don't like feeling that way. I love having a bread machine for making dough. That's really the only thing that I use mine for.

Heather said...

You have learned so well Brenda - I wish that I could be more like you! I am learning to tackle life in smaller bites, but I am truly a slow learner! I wish I could learn to budget my energies more consistently, but so far I seem to be either at full steam or full stop! Work, rest, rest, work seems like it might be a good thought to ponder more often!

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda,
I so enjoyed your post today. :) I too suffer from a chronic illness (CFS) and am battling a bad cold at the moment also.
Today is a gorgeous sunny day and I was able to open up the house and let it air out...what a blessing! I had a bit more energy today and was going crazy from not being able to do much the past few days. I made 2 loaves of bread, washed and hung out 2 loads of laundry to dry on the line, planted some kale seeds in their own little garden bed, helped my son Chris with more wedding plans, watered the houseplants, tried to figure out the financial mess of one of my other son's student loans being transferred to another company (he is in the Air Force and is currently overseas) and got a few more things done. I did try to do some weeding but realized that using the hoe was wearing me out quickly so I stopped. All of this was done in "increments" througout the day. I rested when needed and can look back at what I did accomplish and be proud if it. I know that I will be sleeping well tonight!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I like your idea of working a bit at a time - sometimes we can't get to it all, so we tend to do nothing!

I also just finished my West Ladies Herb dvd! I didn't even realize we had this one! It's great and now we are determined to grow some herbs in our new raised beds.

Joy said...

Hello again, Brenda. I enjoyed the post you wrote about yourself. Sorry for your little one passed who has passed on. I like your tips on dividing up chores so one is not rushed at the last moment. I especially liked the casserole tip, then, come supper time, one is not rushed and harried. I will read a bit more here. Nice music.

Vee said...

I'm all about doing a little at a time. It's amazing how much can be accomplished that way. You made me laugh with your reference to the science fiction flick... Guess that we'll be plummeted back into February over the next few days replete with snow. Ugh. I hate going back. Hope that you get to continue forward no matter the slower pace. Forward...I like that word.

ninar said...

I too have looked for the Amazon button and could not find. I emailed you once about it but still could not find it. I let it go because I didn't want to appear too dense:)

Heather L. said...

I bet we were watching the herb DVD at the very same time!!! :) christina was here this afternoon and planted for me and then we watched the first half of the herbs -- very inspiring. In fact, I'm thinking of doing herbs in the front of my house since the ones I'm tihnking of will tolerate the extreme heat well.

I hope Stephanie's move goes well!! I don't envy her.

Brenda Leyland said...

I've not been blogging as much lately -- other things needs tending -- but today I've been eager to come and visit my friends and see how everyone is doing.... including you!

You talk about doing a little at a time.... I'm learning to do that too. I used to try and do it all at once, but nowadays that strategy seems too overwhelming.

And I, too, enjoy getting supper meals tackled earlier in the day (and I love knowing the prep dishes are also done earlier).

It was lovely to sit and visit a wee bit in your world.

Blessings! Brenda