Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sping cleaning

 Yellow pantry (last year?)

It's getting to be that time of year when the gotta-do list becomes longer and longer.  I remind myself again that it doesn't take a lot of time to accomplish anything... just consistency. 

I'd been putting off cleaning out the kitchen cabinets that hold food "stuff" and the yellow pantry.  Just the thought of those messes (which came about by not being careful when putting things away this winter) made me tired.  So... this morning I decided to tackle the spaces by bringing empty brown grocery bags to the kitchen and begin putting things in them that I didn't want in the kitchen.

It took about ten minutes to completely organize the kitchen cabinets once I took away the items that didn't belong there.  The yellow pantry took just a little longer only because I had to think more... which always takes more time.  Still, considering how long I'd put those chores off, it wasn't all that long.

By using my "little at a time" way of working, I organized the shelves today and will put away the other "stuff" on shelves in the garage where I keep my "pantry"... tomorrow or Friday... but not today... without guilt.  I kept opening the shelves to look at how beautiful they looked.  :)

I'm dividing and conquering the garden by going out this evening to weed and hoe the raised bed while tomorrow I will plant.  Yes, I was going to plant a couple days ago but it didn't happen.  The baby plants are in a vintage white enamel pan getting watered and waiting for their time in the sun (literally).  We're to dip in the 30s this weekend at night so I'm thinking the tomato plants will stay in the pan until next week.

It is really early to plant anything but the cool weather veggies here but we went from winter to summer.  We usually plant around Mother's Day unless the long range forecast shows no freezes.... then it is more like May 1st. 

I am enjoying re-reading With love, Edith: The L'Abri family letters (by Edith Schaeffer).  If I include those years I just perused part of the book then this is my fifth or sixth reading.  Of course, I have read it through from beginning to end before as I'm doing now.  These were the real letters Edith at first wrote to her mother and family and then as time went on they went to everyone who helped support them at L'Abri.

There was a time when we were going through a very difficult season, not knowing what the immediate future held (which required making a move back "home" without a job).  I remembered reading a few times when the Schaeffer's went through the same thing and God always provided... which built my faith (and He did with us, too).

Because these letters were written to her mother, they were very personal... sharing how she was concerned about a child's fever as well as what they were doing for the ministry.  At the beginning of this book, they have just arrived in Europe (Holland) and will later be going to Switzerland. 

With everything there is to do, I may just get this book and her second book of letters read by the end of April.  That's okay, it isn't a race.  :)


Catsngrams said...

What a lovely post. I wish I could get organized. My pantry is in dire need of a redo. Maybe one shelf at a time. That book sounds wonderful I will have to see if I can fine a copy. Take care.

scrappy quilter said...

I've decided I need to tackle my cleaning in a different way rather than leaving it until spring cleaning. Getting older has made me stop and think differently about taking care of my home. I loved this post. I wonder if I can find a copy of the book too. Hugs

Becky K. said...

Getting my pantry under control is on my wish list. Maybe once the school year is ended. I am working at it in a round-a-bout way because I am doing less grocery shopping and using from it.
But, that only goes so far.

Becky K.

Heather L. said...

My house needs a very deep spring cleaning. Tonight I'm feeling like it is very dirty. :( I don't like when that feeling comes over me. :( Maybe I can get it somewhat clean by the weekend....a child spilled lemonade all over the kitchen floor while I was gone and despite my spot mop I've been squeaking on the floor all evening!

I did pick up the DVD on herbs by the West ladies and hope to watch it soon!

Anonymous said...

When chores of any kind seem to overwelming I can still do something. Some part of it can be done now and another little part later and more another time again. Soon the whole thing is done! :) I find even just beginning a chore is a relief verses not doing any of it. It took me over a week but I got the bushes all trimmed back and done for a while! :) Now I am working on the kitchen shelf at a time. Good post Brenda! Sarah

Linda said...

Just last week I cleaned and tidied some kitchen cabinets and got inspired to "jazz" them up by adding a paper border (punched out border) with double sided tape to the edge of the shelves. I had some commercially produced border, but it wasn't enough to do all the cabinets. I then turned to my Martha Stewart border punch and made additional borders from white printer paper. Opening the cabinets now I get a surge of joy seeing how just that little bit extra made it special. (Obviously it doesn't take much to entertain me)

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

You inspire me Brenda! This post arrived at the perfect time as I am in the process of re~organizing my tiny office (i.e. former walk~in closet;). I have found that I am forced to thin out my beloved collection of books to make it more usable. The ones I've chosen to edit are on topics that might be useful to younger mothers just beginning nest building and raising their children. I have a nice little box already that I will donate to Precious Life charities!

I must admit, however, that the task was beginning to overwhelm me until I read your post and was reminded of the concept of breaking this huge task into smaller bite~size jobs.

Hugs and love,

P.S. I've not read Edith's letters book but will put it on my wish list...most definitely!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Brenda, this comment is off topic, but I just looked through your warm and cozy reads page and realize I gave the wrong name to an author I really like. Her name (author of Under A Country Sky and many other lovely books) is not Grace S. Richardson, but Richmond. My brain was really misfiring that day!

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read how you kept opening the pantry door to see how beautiful it was cleaned up. I thought I was the only one who admired my own work!! :)