Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Show and tell

Or... what I've been doing lately.  I'm still in the midst of heavy duty lawn and garden work but I took some time today to get a little creative.  Thanks to a surprise gift from a sweet lady, I was able to purchase the herbs I wanted and a few plants for the deck.  I had just been praying for money to buy herbs and a few flowers the day her gift arrived!

There was a very nice sale on these three plants at Menard's.  They were much cheaper than buying the plants individually and all I had to do was transfer the geraniums into a couple of planters. 

The strange looking rooster was given to me by my sister, Bonnie.  A friend had given it to her and it just didn't fit in with her home (even though she loves roosters).  Have you ever had something so ugly it was cute?  That is what this rooster is to me.

My husband really doesn't care for my English Garden look.  If it were up to him, all the flowers would be one color.  Well, this year I'm "kinda" doing it his way.  I think he is liking the look I'm doing this year even if it does have more whimsy than usual. 

The white tub came from Goodwill, as did the sign.  The "knicky knackies" were thrift buys from seasons past.  The tub is holding a few sun loving herbs (most of the herbs are in the raised bed garden) and the flower pot on the deck fence has peppermint ivy geraniums... really... they will grow someday.

I will have to wait to do anything creative with the porch having spent my available funds on the garden and the deck.  I would eventually like to hang a Boston fern out there, along with coleus and another hanging basket... someday.  :)

However, I did find both of these sets of kiddie rubber boots at Goodwill the past few weeks.  They will both end up on the porch... where I am not certain.  LOVE those Suzy Zoo boots as well as the flaming candy red color of the second pair.

I still have lots and lots of lawn work and a little garden work over the next few days.  Everything getting done a little at a time...

Top picture... looking down the county road last week while the trees were in bloom.

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Terra said...

You are inspiring me to stop at Goodwill and look for creative touches for my garden, and especially my plants in containers.
Your creativity is cute, and I adore the rain boots!

matty said...

I will PAY for you to come decorate my house! Please! I adore your deck. How in the world did you ever think of using the boots?? So precious!

Just set the date and the plane ticket will be ready!

Take care,
Matty :)

gail said...

It all looks lovely Brenda.

Blessings Gail

Manuela@TPOH said...

The planted boots are so cute! Your deck is looking lovely-(that rooster is very colorful)!