Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A little (or big) bloggy warning about fake e-mails

I'll be back later with a real blog post but I did want to send out a warning.

This past month I have been inundated on the blog's e-mail address with e-mails telling me I had won money, inherited money, and stories of widows who need money.  I highly suspect these are coming from the same person or group of people.

I read on a friend's blog that she has been getting the same types of e-mails so they are probably using a blog's link list to find new victims.  To find this blog's e-mail address, one must click on the Write Me link so this is no mechanical spammer.  It is being done intentionally.

Quite a number of these e-mails are coming to the Inbox and not to the SPAM box so they are intentionally being sent to bloggers in such a way they are not picked up by SPAM warnings.

I have inherited money before and the information was never sent via e-mail through a stranger.  :)


matty said...

Isn't that crazy?? I have been getting a ton as well but didn't make the connection. Ah, the joys of technology!

Dusty said...

I've been getting a ton of these as well. I just delete them and move on.

Vee said...

Yes, I have received a few whacky emails of late, too. One wanted me to advertise for "his client" on my blog. Thing is, he the one writing the email used two different names in the same email. Gee, I am stupid, but not that far gone yet. Thanks for the warning. I will remain vigilant.

Becky K. said...

Sigh...Do people never tire of trying to scam others? Thank you for the warning.

Becky K.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I must be really out of it as I haven't received any of these! Poor me! ha ha