Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Springtime of the soul

He knows it is scary to be us... that was a statement by Beth Moore in her teachings on TV early this morning (she is on Jame's Robison's Life Today show each Wednesday).  Actually, someone else made that statement to her and she found it to be profound.  As so often is the case, the simplicity of a statement can sink in quickly and I can assure you... this one did with me.  He does know it is scary to be us...

He has walked this path before, having entered Time and History at Advent and living among us in the flesh.  He feels my frustration as I fight through the fatigue of a winter filled with illness to do that which is before me.  Not only the "gotta do's" of home, garden, and lawn work but the "wanna do's" like baking. 

He knows how it feels when life's unexpected "issues" arrive...

Christopher's car is in the shop, waiting for the parts to arrive to fix a front fender smashed in while parked on campus.  Since the other person did not leave a note, we are out a few hundred dollars for the deductible (and the damage was such it had to be fixed). 

The Buick is making noises that will require it to pay a visit to our mechanic as soon as the other car is out of the garage.  Neither of these repairs were in the budget, once again requiring a simple prayer... "HELP!".  :)

But He knows...

I forgot to remove the commuter tag from his car to place on ours so he can't park on campus.  He was able to find other parking on Monday but I had to drive him in on Tuesday.  I stopped by Goodwill on the way home, having a few dollars in my pocket and a need to unwind. 

Nothing interesting was found within my available cash limit until I perused the books and found a copy of Elizabeth George's Loving God With All Your Mind, a book I loved so much I shared it with another (meaning I had no copy at home, anymore).  Even with tax, my total was less than a dollar. 

This book was just what I needed right now.  It never fails to surprise me how I could have read a book at least twice before and it is still new and fresh when read again.  I find most of George's books like that, a reason why they find a place in my quiet time basket quite often.  I used reading it as a reward for a half an hour of yard work (pruning the remainder of the bushes near the air conditioner). 

As I read, the truth of the teaching that we must guard against believing the lies which the enemy of our souls whispers in our mind.  How important it is to ground ourselves in God's Word, especially as we walk through a world that can be... scary.  Peace, He brings real and true peace.  If we are not experiencing that peace, we are believing the wrong words.

We have record setting heat arriving.  I'll take advantage of the sunshine to do a little more lawn work before all the greenery pops.  The daffodils have been blooming, I'm enjoying my second bouquet this week... sitting beside the sink to enjoy as I cook and do dishes.  The warmth will bring out even more new life... a good thing but making it necessary to finish raking dead leaves from the fence line today.

If you are reading from the blog site, you will see I reached another compromise in my blog redecoration... one I can live with.  I combined the original template with a few changes I liked from the newer options.  The Pages section is now on the sidebar instead of underneath the header.  The fonts were increased and some colors tweaked, a picture on the sidebar removed... all to make it appear a little less cluttered.  Not as visually amazing as a couple other options but pretty...  it will stay for awhile.

Now, I must throw a load of laundry in the dryer, do a little dusting, and pick up the rake from the front porch for a little lawn work.  Then I will curl up on the sofa to absorb more wisdom from Loving God With All Your Mind, my Bible at my side, a notebook and pen... feeling the strength return to dry bones. 

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detweilermom said...

I read that quote in Beth's New book So long Insecurity and it hit me too. I have shared it with several people since then.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh I do hope you enjoy your sunshine-filled day! I awoke to a light dusting of snow! "Where's my Spring?" I wail as I set out the daily tasks and cross off several outdoorsy tasks I was sooooo looking forward to.

Beth Moore, Elizabeth George, Miss Goudge, and all the rest of your delightful book friends reside in my heart and home as well. Dear Kindred, it is always nice to stop by for a little visit. : D

I have stored up some prayer requests with your name on them . . . I shall share them on my knees.

Keep well, soak in the sunshine, heal from the chillblains of a long winter.

XO ~~ Debbie

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Brenda,

I never read a word Elizabeth Goudge wrote that didn't touch me to my soul.

I want to own a "Pilgrim's Inn," and we're going to begin one in Maine this summer. Hurrah!

Easter joys,

Sharon Lovejoy

Mrs.Rabe said...

I do believe I have that book - I think I need to reread it!

I like the look of the blog now - I really like the pages being on the sidebar! Just my opinion....

We are going to warm up too and have a sunny warm Easter!

Catherine said...

I've enjoyed reading here ... and am a fellow book lover. Off now to find my copy of Loving God with All Your Mind on my ever overflowing bookshelves... I think a cup of coffee and reading a few pages from this book will be just the thing for this springtime afternoon. It is too windy to garden, after all!

Catherine :)

Vee said...

That quote from Beth is going in my quotebook. If ever I needed to read that, today would be the day. Thank you. So glad that you found the book to replace your well loved copy. God is good.

Christina said...

I love "Loving God With All Your Mind." I read it about four years ago and it is probably one of the most worthwhile and helpful books I've ever read. :)

Anonymous said...

I got and read this book and passed it on. Then bought it again and found she had updated and added to the origioinal book. Don't ya just love her books!! Anew each time you pick them up...definate keepers!! Course also definate ones to share too!! I felt led to give this book to a friend and later she told me over and over what a change it made in her life. You're so glad aren't you, when feel God is telling you to do something and you do. Anna

Martina said...

The beautiful pictures of your garden last week and your writing about yard work encouraged me to work steadily in my garden - thank you! It's so lovely to enjoy the first warmer days!
I like the look of your background now best, it is a lot calmer and your pleasant writing is the most important thing.