Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The defective gene in my family

That's what you have been experiencing while I have been driving myself a little nutzo changing the template and all that goes with it.

For you see, the females in my family tend to have very strong opinions about those large issues of life... politics, religion, educational choices... and which British actress played Miss Marple the best on PBS.  But when it comes to those rather unimportant bits and pieces of life... we can be somewhat wishy washy.

For instance, when Stephanie still lived in the same town, we would meet for lunch and spend the first five minutes or so deciding where to eat.  The conversation usually went, "Well, where do you want to go?  I don't care, where do you want to go?  Are you hungry for anything special?  No, how about you?"  This didn't happen when the guys were with us.

There is only one female I know in my family whose personality caused the gene not to stick and that is my sister, Jean.  For, you see, Jean was and is and has been what I call the... B.O.S.S.  Which is, Bossy Oldest Sister Syndrome.  Jean has definite views about everything.  Jean is not the oldest of the original kids (as I was the only child of my parent's marriage in their 40s... Mom's first husband having died in his 30s) but she is the oldest girl.

One of her favorite stories to tell me has to do with the last time all the girls (except me, I lived in a different state and had a new baby at the time) were back in town visiting our mother.  Our mother and three of our sisters were standing by Mom's car and um... discussing... where to go for lunch.  The conversation was going much the same as with Stephanie and I making that same decision.

Jean tells me she took the keys from our mother and had her sit in the passenger seat, pushing our three sisters in the back seat and informing them she'll decide where they are going and if they don't like it, it is there own fault!  What was so funny (to both Jean and me) is that they all did as they were told without saying a thing.

Jean doesn't go near a computer since Uncle Gibby passed away.  I could have used her opinion about the template.


Christy said...

My hubby and I often have that same "Where do you want to eat?" back and forth discussion. What's funny is that we have both admitted how frustrating it is...and yet it keeps happening. Maybe we need to borrow your sister the next time we go out! :)

Cozy in Texas said...

Stopped by your lovely blog today.

Joy for today! said...

I am the eldest daughter of 4 kids, so I will take the place of Jean. I do not care for this one. It is very blah and the color is a bit to cool in realation to the warm tones in the photos. However, I did not see the one the other day, as I read your post directly from my email, as it does not transfer the blog layouts.

Yesterday, I read a chapter from And Then There Were Five by Elizabeth Enright to my daughter. The chapter was all about their canning mishaps. I got excited to read your post about the West Ladies Canning DVD. Youtube has a preview and it looks great. Thanks for the ideas. I appreciate your blog, as you like many of the same titles I like.

I have a copy of The Bird in the Tree on the way from amazon. I had JUST started reading Pilgrims Inn 2 days before you posted that it would have been helpful to have read The Bird in The Tree first. I finally found a hardback in good condition that was under $30 on Amazon. The seller did not know they listed it for a STEAL comparatively speaking.

Vee said...

I don't believe that you and I are related, but I distinctly recall going through the blog decorating thing until I was quite certain I was making everyone ill. Course you know that I miss the red background and do not understand why you can't keep that one year round. (This is a joke, but another of my troubles...once I find a thing I like, I really, really like it.)

Anonymous said...

Do tell, which Miss Marple was best in your opinion and Steffanie's?

By the way, I finished The Scent of Water and was somewhat disappointed.

Friend Debra

Kelly said...

This conversation happens to me with my hubby and many of my friends, and many times, I end up deciding because I cannot stand indecision!

I like the way you have your blog right now. The shade of green is quite pretty and I love the collage of photos that accompany your blog title. I would like to know how to do one of those collages.

Angie Muresan said...

Ha! This was a fun read. Wish my sisters went along with all I suggested. As it stands and always has, we've all got the bossy syndrome.