Friday, March 19, 2010

Gardens and more books

I have been keeping watch of our long term forecast for awhile, making the sign of the cross with my fingers and hoping to keep the cold away as one would, say... vampires.  Not that I'm concerned about such creatures... Bigfoot, yes... vampires, no.  But I digress... all this nonsense only to say we have snow again in the forecast.  Short lived, of course... it will melt quickly... but still... sigh.

So, I must spend some time outside today picking up all those big and little branches which have fallen with the winter's winds (work done a little at a time has great results in the long run).  This year I'm not letting the early spring pass without clearing the necessary brush and old greenery before the new growth becomes too big.  Last year we ended up with so much rain, we ran out of time to clear the brush..  Lesson learned... take advantage of each nice day early.

I'll have to write the two pantry posts next week and (again, God willing and the creek don't rise)... I'll be able to take advantage of the new desktop computer and finish the Book Recommendations post.  It will most likely appear just before I ask for new recommendations for summer reading. Thanks for the book recommendations in comments recently.  I'm going to add them to the new Book Recommendations list.

Regarding the Mitford books... they are my very favorite series.  I just love them and I feel Father Tim is a member of the family.  The rest of the family never really enjoyed them (I think my husband and daughter didn't even get beyond the first few chapters of the first book.)  It just goes to show you who has the best taste in the family.  :)

However, hubby very much enjoyed Jan Karon's post-Mitford Series book about Father Tim called Home to Holly Springs.  I think because it is all about Father Tim and not as much about small town life (which is what I loved about the original series).  I believe the second book in this new Father Tim series is due out in October.  It is said to take place in Ireland.

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Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

The title of this day's post reminded me of another writer whose works I love, though I haven't reread them in many years: Janet Gillespie. I first read her wonderful gardening book, The Joy of a Small Garden.It gives a great amount of information in a memoir style, a happy book. Then I found and loved A Joyful Noise and With a Merry Heart, two memoirs about spending summers at her family's summer home in Maine....And another gardening book, Peacock Manure and Marigolds and another memoir, this time of a sabbatical year in Europe with her family, Bedlam in the Backseat, are both full of her charm and wisdom.

These still turn up at garage and library sales from time to time......

karen said...

I loved Jan Karon's books!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love the Mitford Series as well. Did you ever listen to Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre "At Home in Mitford"? It is pretty good. My younger girls are enjoying it as they go to bed at night.

I am excited to hear the new Father Tim book is due out soon. This is a great series, as well!

Heather said...

Our gardens are soggy and the yard is still under water in places, but picking up branches can be done in boots by two 'happy to be outdoors' children, I'm sure! Enjoy the early spring!

Kimberly said...

:) Fall is my time to visit Mitford. Spring draws me to The Secret Garden and all my Tasha Tudor books. Little House on Prairie works anytime. I am *still* reading Emma which will finish off the Annual Austen Adventure.
I remember doing some seasonal reading challenges when I first started blogging, but I haven't since...well, I think Dumpling's arrival may have done it!
Need some new and inspiring books. Can't wait for the new library to open!

Vee said...

After seeing your new links under your header, I gave it a try and then decided to quit. I've got enough on the brain. I'm bookmarking your directions in case I change my mind again.

Sorry about more snow, but it will be just a blip. Good advice about getting a jumpstart with each good day.

I really enjoyed the Mitford series even though there were times when I found it draggy. And I recognized every single character as someone in my own hometown so I think that Karon did a great job with character development.

scrappy quilter said...

Funny I never got past the first chapters either in a couple of her books yet I know many who say she is their favorite author. Each of us are so different, aren't we.


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

LOVE LOVE LOVE "my" Mitford characters. Having said that, I do think that the first book might be not the best one to start with -- crazy sounding I know, but I think if one can't get interested in the frist book.....start with the second book and go on from there and read the first one in the series at one's pleasure.

I wish she wrote a book a

We live about 2 hrs away from the tiny town of Blowing Rock where she was living at the time she wrote these. We drive over maybe once, twice a year just to "loaf." (Does anyone use that term anymore?)
Without fail, as we walk or drive down that teensy-tiny Main Street, I think of the characters...esp. at the grill and the orange marmalade cake and good ol' Uncle Billy and his jokes.

I treasure the gentle, yet profound, truths that are in her writings.

Anonymous said...

I have never read the Mitford series and was wondering if you could give the books in order of the series when you give that recommendation? I also read in the comments about someone reading Tasha Tudor's books-what are the names of them? I will have to get them ILL.
I understand your thoughts on the snow again...we are in the high60's today and 40 and rain on Sunday. ugh! I will be trimming up my yard this afternoon as well. Have a great day and glad you are feeling better.
Jeanie in KY

Debbie S said...

Oh! I just found the whole series at our library book sale for $.25 each. I had read them all back when they first came out and loved them, so I snatched up these copies and I'm making my way through them again.

I, too, know some folks in real life that are just like those characters.

Hope spring returns to your area quickly! I think we've all had enough snow. :-)

Debbie in KY

Terra said...

The Jan Karon Mitford series are my favorite comfy nurturing books to read. I love Father Tim and actually met a pastor who very much reminded me of him.
Now I have written down the name Janet Gillespie who Kristi recommends, for further reading.
The other series that creates a warm enveloping vibe as do the Mitford books is by Alexander McCall Smith and the first book is No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, and is set in Botswana.

ninar said...

Go to to see all of the Mitford books in order and all the other Jan Karon books. Yes, A Party of Four will be out in October.

Martha said...

We, too, have spring snow! Yesterday we were raking leaves -- this morning, we'll be shoveling snow!

I, too, loved the Mitford books -- and have a few of them on my shelf.

I intend to go back and read them but haven't.

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time getting through the first book. I thought it was boring, until I got toward the later part of the book. I love the series and have read all but one.
If your daughter can wade through most of the first book, she will love the series.