Monday, December 14, 2009

More Christmas at my house

I love Christmas trees. While I prefer the real tree with the pine scent, I went to artificial trees long ago to save money. My only decorating expense this year was the cost of two oranges. :)

I have always enjoyed having different kinds of ornaments and I've collected them since I was a bride. The stained glass ornament with the three wise men was a gift from my mother one of the first Christmases after I married. The needlepoint ornament is special because I made it while expecting Stephanie.

As for that chicken ornament... I think I took more mocking from the family for that one than any other. It is what remains from what they call "Mom's poultry fetish" years.

The sweet snow lady with the glitter all over her was a gift from Stephanie one Christmas. Her equally glittered husband is elsewhere on the tree. I hate to have them parted during the Holidays but I have this thing with symmetry.

My tree is quite the combination of country and glitz (Stephanie's tree is always much more elegant). I have paper ornaments and thrift store vintage ornaments (as well as vintage reproductions) and a few very expensive ornaments I purchased on after-Christmas sales long ago for a small amount. They all work together...

As I mentioned before, one Christmas season I was watching a decorating show when the Interior Designer suggested placing bulbs of all one color near the inside of the tree and the individual ornaments on the outside branches. It gives the eye something to "land on" and makes the tree appear even more beautiful. Yes, it does! Although this year I forgot to put the colored bulbs on first so I had to place them on the outside. I got carried away with precious memories.

Most of my ornaments are carefully stored in a Rubbermaid container especially made for them. I don't use all of them each Christmas since the tree is rather small. Each year as I play Christmas music in the background, I carefully place each ornament on the tree and remember where we lived and what we were doing the Christmas each was purchased.

Then I spend the season of Advent plugging in the tree first thing each morning and as soon as the sun sets each evening...

By the way, thank you again for the comments on how pretty our house is. It is built like many 1960s ranch style houses... 1398 sq. feet (I asked hubby last night). The dining area is simply a niche in the living room. The couple who sold us the house were exceptionally creative and talented and they spent years making the inside of this home look beautiful.

They were a very devout Catholic couple who had prayed for the right family to move in and enjoy the fruit of their works (they built a larger home after outgrowing this one with many children). They told us later they knew we were the right family when they saw our Choose Life bumper sticker on the car. :)

I knew this was the right home when... the price was lowered the day before we looked at it which made it affordable for us... all the colors were exactly the kind I loved... when we moved in, everything fit as if the furniture was made for this house. Which is especially good when your furniture is a mixture of your own purchases and those inherited from both parents.

Added Note: No change with my brother-in-law.


Raquel said...

Brenda: Thanks for sharing! I will try to post some pics of my extremely small tree later today. My most precious ornament is a cardboard angel that came on a cereal box as I remember when I was about 4 or 5 and we lived in Alaska. Much love - Raquel XO

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

Oh how lovely and festive your darling home looks! I always enjoy looking at the way people all over this wonderful country decorate and celebrate...too fun.

Now, you tell your family that they can't tease you about a sweet chicken's not a Christmas Vulture is it?

Yes, I said a Christmas Vulture... our youngest picked out that "beloved creature of the season" during one of our annual ornament treks years ago. (It was on one of the "themed" trees...we are still not sure what the theme was!) We still hoot and holler as we put the much belittled ornament on the tree!

I just love visiting your renews my spirit!

Yours kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm