Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday noonish

Thanks to a blog friend who e-mailed me, I found out one of the comments I put through actually led to a foreign p*rn site. There was nothing unusual about it from my side. My apologies for anyone who clicked on it (it has met its' Trash demise).

I wasn't able to go to the hospital over the weekend but I did talk to my niece. The tests I had done at the doctor's office Friday morning showed I had a very severe infection. The nurse found it hard to believe I didn't know about it but as I told her... the symptoms were not unlike the flu that has been going around.

They called in a prescription for antibiotics and had me start them immediately. I have found in the past that antibiotics and I do not agree with each other, especially the first few days. Hopefully, getting rid of this infection will help me feel better for the first time since about September. (Infections are the bain of a diabetics existence...)

This has been a very quiet Christmas... not a bad thing this year. I'm not even doing much baking. However, the Season has been good with reading, listening to music, enjoying the decorations, and catching some very good movies on TV and DVDs. At one time I would have considered such a Season quite boring. :)

This year I need to concentrate on the spiritual side of Christmas. I feel particularly vulnerable spiritually right now... as if I'm going through a season when the proverbial deer is panting for the water... a dry sponge soaking in the Holy. What better time than Advent to do so.

I'm hoping to have a pantry post up within the next couple of days and (finally) the Recommendations List. I gave up on it when our Internet was not working correctly for nearly two months (when I was losing half of what I wrote as it did not save) and we were on the phone to Mumbai a couple times a week. Now that the new router is here, I am no longer losing the Internet ten or fifteen times a day.

Thank you for all who ordered Amazon products through the widget. I already have enough credit available in late January to order Elizabeth's birthday present. That is a very good thing... :)


matty said...

Feel Better! Hooray for better living through chemistry when we are feeling poorly!

Take care,


Heather L. said...

i hope the medicine helps to make you feel better soon!!!!

Just finished a batch of Christmas jam!!! so happy with it. Thank you!

Anne said...

I am a diabetic, too, and also struggle with taken antibiotics. As you may know, the bad digestive symptoms come from the destruction of the good bacteria along with the bad. Try taking yogurt with live cultures. That always helps me.


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hope this finds you feeling better! I'm really trying to concentrate on the spiritual side of Christmas and your writing encourages me in that! V.

Lisa Z said...

I hope the medicine will help you feel better soon! Concentrating on the spiritual side of Christmas is what I always try to do, and I can get bah humbug about the rest so I have to try and enjoy the "fun" parts, too. God's strength is made perfect in our weakness--He is with you.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope you recover and feel better soon. It is surely hard to fall ill and not be able to do necessary things, much less the funner stuff of life!!

Blessings, Elizabeth