Friday, December 11, 2009

A book recommendation

Sarah Clarkson's new book called Read For the Heart is now available, just in time for Christmas giving.

Here are the chapter titles:

Table of Contents:

Chapter One Introduction: Reading to Live
Chapter Two Reading Lost: The State of Literacy in America
Chapter Three Life by Books: How to Begin
Chapter Four A Roadmap: Getting Started with This Book
Chapter Five Picture Books
Chapter Six The Golden Age
Chapter Seven Children’s Fiction
Chapter Eight Fantasy and Fairy Tale
Chapter Nine Historical Fiction and Literary Biography
Chapter Ten Spiritual Works
Chapter Eleven Poetry
Chapter Twelve Nature & the Arts
Part One: Art
Part Two: Music
Part Three: Nature

If you are interested, the book can be purchased... here.

Shhhh... she didn't know I was going to encourage people to purchase the book but she is a great writer and she knows her books.

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