Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This and that...

I enjoyed the new (to me) recipe sites in yesterday's comments. Thank you!

I am still working on the Recommendations list. I have been working and resting... resting and working.... on the list and housework. I've decided to just type out the list and not put it in alphabetical order. This way at least I will be getting it to you before Christmas. :)

My kitchen cabinets where I keep grocery items and the yellow pantry (which holds spices and other baking essentials) all got tumbled-upside-down-messed up these past couple of month. It looked like it would be a huge project but it didn't take all that long to do and it is so much nicer now to open cabinet doors without cringing.

A blog friend asked if I would explain the Amazon widget a little more, wondering if she had to return to the widget each time she ordered anything within the same order.
  • Bloggers receive credit if you enter Amazon through clicking on one of the items in our widget for the entire order, even if you order multiple items within it... as long as it is in the same shopping cart... you do not have to come back to the widget for each item.
  • You don't even have to be purchasing anything in our widget, just as long as you enter by clicking on one of the items.
  • Once again, everyone who has a widget that you use thanks you so much. That little extra time it takes you adds up for us, even if it takes two or three months it is well worth it.
My autumn play list continues until after Thanksgiving when I'll move the Christmas music back to the top. It doesn't seem like a year since I moved them to the bottom of the list. You may notice I always start it with either instrumental or classical music. A reader asked if I'd have an instrumental song play first since it was easier to read the blog that way... so I've done that for a couple years now.

Recently I added Home by one of my new favorite singers... Michael Buble, This guy can sing! He performs mostly the old standards from crooners I loved listening to growing up, as well as "new" standards like this song.

Sigh... I need good music right now. It has been "one of those" weeks with being sick, the router keeps failing on our DSL, and the toilet in the main bathroom suddenly stopped holding water and flooded the floor and the hallway carpet. Isn't it true that those "little foxes" adding up are what can drive us loopy? :)

Picture: yellow pantry from earlier in the year


Lynn said...

Sorry to hear about your bad week, Brenda. Our washing machine flooded two weeks ago just as we were about to leave on a little trip, so I feel your soggy-carpet pain :( Your music here is really peaceful and soothing. And I agree, isn't Michael Buble the best?

Packrat said...

May this week be much, much better. I need to catch of with your blog posts to see what you've been up to. Please get to feeling better. God Bless and Hugs.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Yes, those little "foxes" are terrible. We had a leak in our hallbath at the faucet which required all new plumbing underneath not just a new faucet. One thing always leads to another!

Sorry you're having a bad week and I hope it's an easy fix!


Anonymous said...

I know that music is so uplifting for me and I so enjoy listening to various music genres. What I find myself listening to is my inspirational playlist, as well as a radio station called K-love...you might be able to listen to it in your area if you have high speed:
I have really appreciated the encouragement!
May you be encouraged again this week as the Lord's grace is poured into your life!

matty said...

Hope your week goes better! I love the red shelves! I bet Mauela did, too! :P

Take care of yourself, Brenda!