Friday, October 30, 2009

A little update

You may notice a difference in the Play List these days. With November upon us, George Winston's lovely Thanksgiving is the instrumental first song... beautiful music!

I printed out the recommendations and came up with about twenty five pages! How wonderful this is going to be even if it does take a little while to assemble. So many new (to me) authors and titles. I hope to have the post ready sometime next week. I also plan a few pantry posts and I have three books to review. Is there such a thing as job (blog) security?

My poor tekkie math and science type son recently spent days working on a writing assignment for his English class. We've been e-mailing his assignment back and forth for me to offer suggestions. Although he is an excellent writer, it is painful to watch the process. I'm thankful words come easily for this blogger... math is a whole other matter.

The question was asked how I use my Amazon widget (great question). I have a rather odd Wish List where I've "parked" book & DVD recommendations. Quite often when I have enough credit assembled, I will purchase a book from my Wish List (sometimes "new" and also "used" at a great price).

I've also used credit to purchase a birthday gift for one of my grandchildren that I would not have been able to buy without the credit (like the cute tea party game). I know other bloggers who use their credits for homeschooling books.

Thank you so much for taking the time to enter Amazon through my widget or through another blog. I always have to remind myself when ordering to do the same at a friend's blog.

Speaking of friends... Sarah Clarkson wrote a great post about technology that spoke 100% to my heart. I had already planned to link to it when I saw her mom did the same thing. You can find Sarah's excellent writing... here.


Tammy G said...

I recently found your blog, it is so cozy and I love you playlist. i had it going the other day in the kitchen and someone was asking me about the music, so I had to share your blog with them--thank you.

Lynn said...

Hi Brenda,

Just wanted you to know I have so enjoyed coming to your blog, listening to the peaceful music, reading your cozy posts. You make me feel like I'm in your home, enjoying a cup of tea with you, or even folding laundry together :) May God bless you in this current season of life, as you are blessing your blog readers. Happy day to you.