Thursday, October 29, 2009

And now the B&B post

I have so many things I want to write about. That two week break refreshed my brain and renewed my creativity. My only challenge right now is feeling better. I appear to be fighting some kind of bug (which is not surprising considering how many people I was around in the last few weeks). Thankfully, I have an easy week to rest... all the gotta do's can be done slowly or wait for awhile.

Regarding the B & B, Stephanie asked if I was interested in staying there instead of a hotel. It was actually cheaper and all it would "cost" us was driving about twenty (?) miles from I-90. As it turned out, the distance between the B & B and our home didn't require us to travel all the way up to the Interstate and saved us time. It only added about twenty or thirty minutes to our drive from the B & B and our New England destination.

The B & B is called the Dream Horse Guesthouse and it is located on State Route 7 about 30 minutes south of I-80/90 in western Ohio. I think it was originally a barn and the owners have fixed it up to be a charming place for people and animals to stay. Well... the horses can't stay in the rooms. How often can you find a place that not only accepts pets but horses, too?!!

It was voted the Best Pet Friendly B&B last year on The owners are wonderful people, we enjoyed getting to know them so much. Both hubby and I also enjoyed their two kitties, you "met" Hazel already. I was talking to Stephanie on the cell phone out on their "porch" when one of the horses let us know she was late getting her breakfast so loud that Steph heard it through the phone!

The first breakfast we had there was a chard quiche with fresh fruit and veggies from their garden. The second breakfast on our way home was the most delicious stuffed french toast and fruit that I have ever eaten (and stuffed french toast is one of my favorite foods). Since I gain weight so easily these days, I am usually a fairly light eater. I made a pig of myself and had three of the stuffed french toasts. Yum...

We highly recommend them whether you are traveling with pets, or just humans like us. The only people who may not appreciate it are those traveling with very small children as the stairs to the rooms are quite steep for little feet. Although they had recently had a family with a four year old who loved it there.

We stayed in their Open Sleigh Room, which is small but has the most comfortable sleigh bed! Perfect for a single person or a couple. The B & B was completely booked the first time we stayed (since it is so close to Amish country and there were a lot of people there to vacation locally). On the way back, there was only one other couple but we enjoyed chatting with them and the owners before starting the long drive the rest of the way home.

It is well worth the short trip from the Interstate for those driving I-80/90 just into Ohio from Pennsylvania. It was also easy to get to by a couple major highways in Ohio.

Their website is located... here.

Their recommendation page on is found... here.


Lisa Z said...

Thank you so much for that recommendation. We travel annually from Minnesota to my in-laws in Virginia, and this would be right on our way. We will have to check it out! Kids and pets welcome is great!

Raquel said...

Thanks for that recommendation, Brenda! BTW - exactly how do you use your amazon widget? I have entered amazon thru your page twice now and placed an order - hope that is all there is to it! Much love - Raquel XO

Anonymous said...

Super writeup and thanks for sharing!! I hope the next time you go, maybe you get a reduced rate for such good advertisement!! Heehee...never hurts to hope!

I am appreciating the other link too, for other travels we may make!

Sally C. said...

Ahhhhh--to read you again is definitely a soothing touch as we sit sequestered in the midst of a blizzard--second day inside! I already miss your company. Well, we must make it happen again! Love to you today.

Brenda Leyland said...

What a lovely place to visit. Thanks for sharing the photos and the links.

Wishing you speedy feeling better!

Marie said...

The Bed and Breakfast sounds wonderful. If we were travelers, that would be my preference over staying in a motel. You made me hungry writing about the stuffed french toast. I am glad you had such a wonderful trip. I know it was great being with your daughter, her husband and those grandchildren.