Saturday, September 26, 2009

What fun peeks into the pantry

I have been enjoying the comments from yesterday's pantry post. Isn't it fun to see what other people find essential? Stephanie even commented! I do remember how she made all kinds of unusual (to me) meals when she was first married.

Partly inspired by a wedding gift of unusual spices (from our friend who recently moved to Europe) and a natural curiosity about different grains and foods. Steph is one of the best cooks I know but David's food sensitives now hinder her creativity at mealtime.

I must admit to having an unusual need for storing all kinds of canned tomatoes, too. Since all of the money I usually use for stocking up (when hubby works a few weeks each semester at the bookstore) went to cover not one... not two... but three car repairs last month... I'm down to just a couple cans of my favorite brand of tomatoes I use for soup. Do I detect a nervous twitch? :)

I used to stock those boxes of tofu that can be stored without refrigeration. They make a great pudding and pie filling by adding a package of melted and cooled chocolate chips (half semi-sweet and half milk chocolate works best for me) to two packages of the tofu in a mixer or blender and then chilling until firm. One of those recipes I used to make all the time but rarely do now. They also work great for smoothies if one is not sensitive to soy products (I use a little yogurt now).

If you haven't added your own unique or regional items you must have in the pantry, you can go to yesterday's post by clicking... here.

Note: I forgot, Nutella is a spread of a cocoa and hazelnut base which I find on the shelf next to peanut butter. Some stores may have it in the section where they have foreign foods on the shelf. I think (?) it was originally Italian?


Tracey McBride said...

Hi Brenda! Bless you for these great and timely pantry posts...they are so inspiring!! But then, you always inspire me to good thoughts as well as actions.
Tracey xox

Anonymous said...

I keep up with your blog through google reader, but don't comment often.
I love Nutella too. If you are interested, I have a recipe to make it at home. :)
Great pantry article!