Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stephanie's Ambleside posts

Stephanie has the first of her promised Ambleside posts... here.

Oh, how I would have loved to be there with her as she was given a personal tour and access to the Charlotte Mason papers as well as seeing the museum.

She explains the miraculous series of events that made it possible for this very special visit. To think she would be there at the same time a woman would be visiting who spent her life studying Charlotte Mason's work... amazing.

If you know anyone who homeschools using the Charlotte Mason "method" (which is really a lifestyle), I know these posts will make her so real.

Little did I know when I purchased Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's book, For the Children's Sake, all those years ago that it would influence my own life and that of my daughter and grandchildren.

I read an essay recently (online... wish I could remember where it was) that talked about how it is possible one book can change a life.

Even if you have no idea who Mason is... the pictures of England are lovely. :)


detweilermom said...

I haven't fully immersed myself in Charlotte Mason but I have incorporated some of her thoughts into our homeschool. I have found very helpful. I will check out the link you provided.

Mrs.Rabe said...


I quickly went to Stephanie's blog to read her post! What a wonderful opportunity to get to handle original materials such as Nature notebooks, etc...

I read a book by Karen Andreola many years ago about the Charlotte Mason Method. It helped me so much as a young homeschool mother. Such a wonderful way to learn....

I will be following Stephanie's journey.

ps- I do so love Sally Clarkson's "Educating the Wholehearted Child" as well. :)

Vee said...

And I do have no idea, but I know a lot of homeschooling parents who may enjoy reading more about this. I hope to follow your link at some point soon. Now off to see what else you've been up to, Brenda.

Lisa Richards said...

I look forward to reading your daughter's blog!

I tried to add her to my blog list and it keeps saying she's been added, but her blog doesn't appear on my list. Hmmm... Maybe I'll just add her to my favorites list!

Thanks for sharing this. I just love Charlotte Mason and Beatrix Potter!

Anonymous said...


I fixed it...if you go to the blog you'll see a post explaining what the problems was and a bit of my whining and lamenting to boot. :)

:) Stephanie

Heather L. said...

Thanks for posting links when Stephanie updates -- very helpful! :)

KJ said...

Thanks for your post on Julie and Julia. I mentioned this in my post, and you might be interested. The audio version of Julia's Memoir, "My Life in France," is wonderful. And, the book as well. It really gives one a sense of an American in Paris. And, we're not having to steer clear of vulgarity. There was one sexual comment in the movie that I don't recall in her book. I'm having to listen through it again to see if I missed it (or dozed off at that point...LOL).

Have a super day!

jAne said...

The Charlotte Mason method changes lives, of that I'm absolutely sure. :o)

I miss homeschooling.

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