Thursday, September 03, 2009

A lovely late summer day

I just love September and October. There are many who enjoy the pastel colors of spring but give me the jewel and earth tones of late summer and early autumn. As I was driving into town just before the sun was setting, I was overwhelmed with the beauty that was all around me... memorizing all that green for January's stark black and white world (albeit lovely in its' own way).

I have a few pantry posts running through my brain, just attempting to land in some coherent paragraphs. I have books to read, photos to take, and laundry reproducing on its own. The pumpkin bars which were promised to friends at the bookstore were not made before fatigue set in this afternoon... so they will require tomorrow's attention.

I am feeling better but I get frustrated when my want-to-do-list is overwhelmed by the need for rest. However, the flu appears to be leaving without causing any severe symptoms, thank the Lord! If this fatigue is all I'm left with for awhile, that is fine... I can take a nap once in awhile. :)

Homeschool prom in the spring

We are now in the midst of a new routine with Christopher's living at home again while attending classes. I must admit it is fun having him a regular part of the family again... as opposed to running in and out when he was living nearer campus.

Sure there is more laundry and meals to cook but I don't mind that at all. More work comes along with more people... but I think the people are so worth it all.

Last night I received a phone call just as I was going to bed, he chatted while walking across campus and through one of the parking garages until he was in the car. Just like he used to all the time. I don't like dark parking garages, either.

Another time this week, I went to use my computer after Christopher had borrowed it. The website showing had been located by googling "how to trim a goatee". He had an important meeting and decided his beard was too scruffy and a goatee would be better.

I told him he looked like Mr. Tumnus. I asked if he was going to make me tea and show me a picture of his father who had gone to war. Instead he picked up his keys and went to his meeting. I would have enjoyed the tea.

Some children have learned to ignore their bookish mother.

Picture: Under the Sunflowers; Robert Duncan;


Beth said...

You're a hoot! I love it when someone makes me a cup of youngest daughter, Becca,12 yrs. old, makes me tea quite frequently. However, in her attempt to make it "extra good", she puts in extra sugar! One time it was sooo thick that I had to sneak back into the kitchen and pour half of it out and then just add water before she saw me! But it was the thought and the "servant's heart" that mattered. I drank my watered down tea and just loved her for it! (From now on, I just tell her HOW much sugar or sweetener I want!)
I'm getting over the flu as well...the congestion was awful and now I'm just soooo tired! Hope you recover totally soon!
Blessings! Beth

matty said...

You sound better today! Here's hoping that your tea magically appears and that you feel better every day! Nurture yourself today, won't you? It does feel so fall-ish, doesn't it!??


Becky K. said...

The conversation about Mr. Tumnus could have happened, actually has happened, here with our Mikey. He really does look like our favorite faun.

You cracked all of us up, as I just had to read that aloud to Mikey and Warren who are sitting nearby. When I involuntarily burst into laughter...they get curious.

Warren would normally be at work by now, but he is not feeling well.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

scrappy quilter said...

You sound much better today. Hope the fatigue leaves soon and you're able to get to your to do list. Just remember though, rest is good too. Hugs..

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love the Mr. Tumnus reference Brenda! Very clever!

So glad you are feeling better!

Enjoy this lovely weather.

jAne said...

There are times when I'm certain, absolutely certain, my daughter merely tolerates her dear mother. :o)

Been under the weather in our little home too, Brenda. Not respitory though. I'd welcome that actually. No. The other kind of flu which will go unmentioned. The word will not be spoken aloud. I forbid it.

tickleberry farm

Debbie in CA : ) said...

From one bookish mum to another . . . I love it here. You are always such a sweet and enjoyable read. Thank you for not letting a flagging constitution or a busy day keep you from spreading a bit of sunshine. You are precious. Get well soon. XO!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...


"I asked if he was going to make me tea and show me a picture of his father who had gone to war."

made me laugh!!!

Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

lol! is that why my kids ignore me! ha!
i can so relate to this post-loving fall more than spring (October is my favorite month) and the fatigue-naps are a dear friend of mine. :)
now i'm off to read Stephanie's Ambleside posts-I'm so excited! sorry to rush off so soon must have their priorities! lol!!!

hmsclmom said...

It's good the hear that you are feeling better. Please do rest though so that you do not have a relapse.
I too have a son moving back in with us this weekend. He has been out on his own for 2 years but is moving back in so that he can pay off some debt before he and his dear Heather get married in the Spring. It will be good to have him home again too. The thing I love to do most in my life is nurture my family, no matter how old they (and I) get. ;)
It feels like a Fall day here also. The wind is blowing dust round in the air since we are just at the end of Harvest. I made pancakes for my dear hubby's 50th birthday breakfast and am making homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Our grown children (all Josh who is in Texas) will be joining us for dear hubby's birthday dinner.
On the pantry front I picked some wild plums today that are growing near my home. Free fruit means more available monies to stock the pantry with things that we need. :)


BusyBee said...

Hey Bren, Just popping in to check on you, I've been the same ol' 'Too BusyBee'. Sorry to see that you were under the weather. We finally got a light rain shower this weekend, PTL!!

Big Hugs as Always...

nanatrish said...

I'm glad you are better. I have written a little about my chronic pain today. I loved the picture of Christopher and his prom date. He is definitely looking more and more like a grown man. You must be so proud of him. When I read about your children I think they are very loving bright young people.

Anonymous said...

LOL! This post made me laugh, Brenda. Thank you.

Young Mr. Staggs was home for a couple of days this week, and I so enjoyed his company. The house seems to come alive when he is home, and mealtimes especially are more enjoyable. He enjoys cooking now,and he helps out. I like that.

I'm so glad that you are feeling better now.


Nina Morelli said...