Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bookish signs of autumn

There are all kinds of signs around my home that autumn is not only on the way but here. I went out to the garden yesterday afternoon to check out what was ready to harvest and was quite amazed to see many of the plants turning colors already. That didn't stop a super harvest of bush beans, those cute purple eggplants, and some cherry tomatoes.

However, the true sign that autumn is here came yesterday after I dropped my hubby off at the bookstore (they asked him to stay a few more days than planned... we could use the income!) and I drove to the library near the University. When we were still homeschooling, we mostly went to the large County library but now I find I prefer this smaller campus library. It has a great selection of BBC and other British comedies, mysteries, etc.

During the summer, I would find myself perusing titles and going home with nothing. Summer reading is much like summer cooking... I usually enjoy both but hot weather makes me turn to light reading (magazines, cooking and garden books with pictures, easy novels) as well as light cooking.

Now that the leaves are changing and even 70 degree temps feel cooler, times they are a changing. I checked out the latest Paula Deen book, The Deen Family Cookbook, which contains many recipes I want to try. I come from Kentucky DNA... Paula cooks a lot like my mother did when I was growing up. Her idea of health food was fried okra and breaded tomatoes.

I was very happy to find a biography of Alice Waters by Thomas McNamee on the New Nonfiction shelf. Ummm... yes... we are at polar opposites as far as politics and such but I have long been fascinated with her Chez Pannise restaurant in Berkeley, California and how one person could make such a difference in making organic and "local" food popular.

I suppose she reminds me a lot of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin (to name just a couple famous cooks) who helped Americans learn there is more to food than cream of mushroom casseroles. Not that there is anything wrong with those... which I why I love Paula... and butter.

I also brought home the new book by Ted Dekker called Sinner. Looks good and typical Dekker... a little on the scary side. My favorite scary book was Monster by Frank Peretti. Which is rather odd since I have that whole Bigfoot thing... living at the edge of a forest and all...

I recently checked out The Great Influenza but then I came down with the flu. Umm... not the book to read if you have flu symptoms. Especially since this is the book people are talking about when they discuss the next pandemic. It's due back soon so it may be the next serious book I read (or at least skim).

I brought home two DVDs from season two of Foyle's War. I just discovered this absolutely wonderful TV series even though it has been on in England for years. PBS recently played a few episodes and I so enjoyed them. It takes place in WWII England. This kind of show is why I have a love-not love relationship with PBS and have since the 1970s. :)

Last... but certainly not least... I pulled this book off my own bookshelf:

I love this book. I know many of you do, too. I found it really cheap used on Amazon either last year or the previous autumn. It all kind of runs together. However, it stays out all season and I look through it quite often for inspiration and recipes.

I'll post some more autumn scenes from home from time to time.

Added: The three framed photos in the top picture are wedding photos... my in-laws WWII wedding, our 1970s wedding, and my parents 1950s wedding (they were in their 40s).


matty said...

Good morning! Okay; I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Actually, I fell down the rabbit hole with my friend Evelyn who is my weaving buddy. We had warp to wind yesterday, so I picked up two cups to try. We nearly sucked the entire cup down in one swallow. Yummers!

Love the Susan Branch book and the recipe! Didn't you love watching Beverly Nye? She made homemaking and cooking seem, well, attractive and meaningful!

Enjoy your programmes and books today! Fall is here!

scrappy quilter said...

Fall is happening here too. The leaves are falling off the trees's amazing how quickly it's arrived.

I've never enjoyed Ted Dekker's books. Even hubby can't get into them and yet we loved Frank Peretti's books. I found a new book at the library you might enjoy if you haven't done so already "Country Living The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen". I don't usually enjoy cookbooks, however really liked this one.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

Thank you so much for stopping in to say hello over here at Honey Hill Farm. Mrs. Hottentot wishes that you were indeed small, as she would love to have you over for tea!

Dearest and I adore Foyle's War and have the series on DVD. We just love the combination of history and mystery!

I will be popping over to your recipe blog and checking out the Christmas Jam recipe...what a perfect gift to give this Christmas...thank you.

Yours so kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Beth said...

We just spent the weekend and first part of the week in the Hoosier National Forest and it was just beautiful! Fall is certainly in the air but in the part of Indiana that we live in, a few trees are turning but down there, it didn't seem like they had started yet. Still, the weather was wonderful and we greatly enjoyed sitting around the fire with our younger kids.
I agree with your love/not love relationship with PBS...sometimes it's my favorite channel and then other times, OH MY GOODNESS!! That's why I have never felt moved to give to that station...but some of the shows are incredible!
Have a lovely day! Beth

carla said...

Foyle's War is my favorite British series (Good Neighbors is second). Isn't it interesting? Really good production values. Your parents wedding photo is nice.

Brenda Leyland said...

Alright then, Kindred Spirit....

you love a bookstore with BBC stuff to browse through... yum!

you took out season 2 of Foyle's War...really enjoy that series. I own a couple of seasons but not season 1 or 2, so I go to the library when I want to start over.

Autumn and autumn feelings? I just went for a walk and was thrilling inside to feel that crisp breeze on my face and to see the signs that the season is here.

Thanks for sharing all that good stuff today!

Anonymous said...

If you like foyle's war you might try another BBC series, "As time goes by" with Judy Dench. It's one of my personal favorites.

Anonymous said...

I have been stopping in every day, just so you know! I very much like Foyle's War. Also, Miss Marple. There are a couple of other PBS mysteries that I like, one is set in the early 50's (besides Miss Marple)but the names escape me.

I've been enjoying Stephanie's blog, too.

Friend Debra

Sharon said...

Signs of Autumn's impending arrival abound here in Oregon as well.:-)The trees are starting to turn,nights and mornings are cooler,and dahlias are blooming all over town here!I too love British things and especially at this this time of year.:-)Blessings~Sharon

Jean said...

Gosh, I love Rhonda Jean's blog but to find you, right here, and so much like I see myself. Agatha Christie's mysteries are my favorites, TV... DVD... what we use to call "books on tape". Your music is heart-touching. Thanks.. Jean

Anonymous said...

Great books! I'm glad you're willing to read Alice Waters even though she's on opposite ends of the political spectrum from you. I read your blog, and I am pretty much on the end opposite you, too. To be called a bleeding heart liberal is high praise for me; Jesus' heart bled for the least of us, too.

But I love your blog. We share a love of Jesus, England, Charlotte Mason and homeschooling, books, tea and coffee shops. Also, stocking the pantry and making do on less. You tell great stories, too, like your 9/11 story today.

The world would be a dull place indeed if we only talked to or read the people we agree with. I love your daughters' blog, too, and have you both linked at my blog. Hope that's okay!

Storybook Woods said...

Great list of books, it feels fall here. I hope you enjoy the book about Chez Pannise, she is very much the start of the slow food in the USA. Clarice