Friday, August 28, 2009

Tasha Tudor Day

I just adored Tasha. I never met her in person. I expect our politics have little in common... or our religion for that matter. So why did she have such an impact on the way I live my life?

Because she was True to the way she wanted to live and took joy in simplicity, beauty, tea time, home, family... those very aspects of life I love.

I don't think I own any of her books at the moment or the videos produced about her (although I've checked them out from the library and they are lovely). However, I have often perused the library books and watched the videos over and over (and over).

Part of me wishes I could live such a life, the small part of me which still believes there is a Hundred Acre Woods, Kermie and Miss Piggy lived happily ever after, and there will be no weeds in my garden next year.

When reality sets in, the realization comes that there is no way hubby and I could live such a life no matter how sweet it seems in the pictures. I have many physical limitations and he is allergic to... everything. :)

However, it is possible for all of us to reflect on Tasha's life and her work and write down a few aspects we particularly find interesting... to look at the pictures and ask ourselves what is lovely and what calls out to us as something we want to incorporate into our own lives (realizing, of course, she was far from perfect... but aren't we all?).

So, being a pondering type person, I thought for a long time about those things in Tasha's life which I could incorporate into mine.

A little list inspired by Tasha...

  • Tea time in the afternoon
  • Lanterns lit in the evening
  • Candles at dusk
  • Long skirts in the closet
  • Aprons on a hook
  • Stew simmering on the stove
  • Real veggies and fruit
  • Glass, stoneware, vintage tin
  • Growing vegetables
  • Flowers and flowers and more flowers
  • Old books
  • Family
  • Friends
Pick one... just one creative aspect of Sasha's life... and add it to yours today.

ADDED: I completely forgot to add the link to Storybook Woods. If you join in with a post for Tasha Tudor day, leave a comment at the "Home" Tasha Tudor Day post.... here.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking recently of adding candlelight. Lantern like light. I have noted the pictures here and there of old jars with voltives in them that you put wire round and a handle and can hang it up. I too dream of such a life but although it sounds and looks so inviting it is a Lot of work! :) I might like it but I do not live alone and what I want is not always what we all want! :) I also do grow lots of flowers among our veggies but want to devote more dedication into cut flowers. When I think of Tasha I equate her living to my thoughts on living Amish. The guiet gentle other worldlyness of it. But there is also reality. So I love your idea of thinking of what in her lifestyle we admire can add to ours. I sm sure others comments will make more sense but I am still pondering this! :) Jody

Storybook Woods said...

Happy Tasha Tudor day, what a beautiful post. I so agree, it is not that I want to live exactly like Tasha, but to have her passion and heart for life. Thank you for joining in. Clarice

Becky K. said...

I have started lighting the candles. I know it isn't great for the electric bill since the a/c is on, but the beauty is worth it.

Becky K.

Elizabeth said...

Before the children came along I would often send a note off to a writer (usually through their publishing company) if I really enjoyed their writing. One of my favorite replies came from Tasha Tudor. This small handwritten note that I have before me was written on October 3, 1980. I have been such a fan throughout my life. Thank you for Tasha Tudor Day.

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to see all the different things Tasha has meant to people. She was indeed a treasure!

Take Joy!


Gae said...

As soon as I can I will be posting ours. I have a list similar to yours.
Great minds think alike, well I flatter myself
God Bless

Linda said...

This is a beautiful post Brenda. You said all the things I wanted to. Linda

matty said...

Lovely, Brenda! As I sit here drinking tea in a CHINA cup and from a silver tray, I think of the loveliness of everyday things. Tasha saw this and your list demonstrates this is just what JOY is! Thanks! Matty

Anonymous said...

I love your inspired list. Happy Tasha Tudor day.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Lovely Brenda! I'd love to have her garden but I know I'd need several other people to help me! But I can incorporate elements of her garden into mine.


Anonymous said...

I first came across Tasha Tudor through one of her Christmas books, Take Joy. I bought the book on the hopes that someday I would have a child of my own to share it with. That was over 25 years ago. Our daughter is 25 now and will graduate from college next summer.
Because of the endearing Welsh Corgis in her art, we have a dear addition to our small family, a three-year-old corgi named Heidi. Now I understand why she thought them to be so special. I never understood how one could fall in love with a dog, but it happened.

scrappy quilter said...

Lovely post Brenda. I think it's her passion for life we all want. Hugs..

Anonymous said...

Tasha reminds me to stop and enjoy the simple things in life: beautiful candles, simmering pots, birds, sunrise and sunset, baking cookies and loving every minute of solitude, being with great friends and most of all, appreciating time with my family. Thank you, Tasha Tudor, for all the wonderful books I had the pleasure of reading to my children and hopefully, someday, to my grandchildren...Judi

Serena said...

I have just found this site and want to thank you all. I named my daughter after Tasha Tudor. Her name is Tasha Violet. Although she does not seem to exemplify the old-fashioned qualities of Tasha Tudor, I understand that she is only 12 years old and needs to go through her teenage years. I believe if there could be an inkling of Tasha Tudor inside of her, it will be a blessing all her life. You all encourage me to always remember what is lovely about life; simplicity and living close to the Earth.