Saturday, August 29, 2009

Signs summer is nearing its' end

While it has been good to have Christopher home again, getting up very early for his 7:30 AM classes has meant two mugs of hot coffee with Splenda and milk (cream if I find it on sale) before my eyes open. I was spoiled by sleeping in during the summer months.

There are many indications we are near the end of summer. Not only the weather report warning of lows in the 40's but the rain has turned cold. The daytime temperatures do not reflect a cold rain... that doesn't keep it from being quite chilly.

Another sign of the end of summer? I pulled the Aigner black leather purse out of the closet yesterday morning, the one I'd found at Goodwill for $1.99 a couple months ago. I spent a lovely five or ten minutes messaging it with black leather polish and let it sit for awhile to absorb all that goodness before buffing to a shine. It looks brand new. How thankful I am that people donate Aigner to Goodwill. :)

It replaces my "summer" purse, the very small Vera Bradley navy jobbie with the long handle, purchased at a consignment shop years ago. I love that purse, for some reason in the summer I don't need much more than my billfold, keys, cell phone, brush, emergency snack, emergency alert bracelet, and tiny sugar free Altoids tin... so it is nearly weightless and I throw it over my shoulder while fleeting here and there without a coat (or even a sweater).

Come winter I become my mother and carry with me everything needed to survive a nuclear winter. Perhaps it is the additional layers of clothing as autumn and then winter arrive. Perhaps it is the nesting instinct or just becoming squirrely and needing to store more nuts nearby in case they are needed. I'm certain my family has other definitions but I do tend to carry a lot with me come cold weather.

Another reason I know cooler weather is upon us? Lots of soup bones and a very small amount of beef simmered in the Crock Pot for nearly two days (I let it cool and then put the crock in the frig for one night to skim the fat).

Yesterday I drained the broth into the ancient LeCruset, shredded the beef and added the potatoes, carrots, corn, green beans, and two cans of tomatoes to create soup. Just like Mom made. Now I know why she let the Crock Pot make her broth as she grew older... delicious and easier than using the big stock pot.

There is a gentle rain outside and a vanilla candle is flickering nearby. I have laundry to fold, coupons to cut and file, wooden furniture which must be dusted, and bread dough to start in the bread machine.

A stack of books sit on the coffee table, each holding a bookmark encouraging me to return to their words. I often have two or three different volumes out at a time for I am a fickle reader.

Now, there are miles to go before I sleep.... indeed, much to do. :)

Picture: Bushel of Apples;


Ms.Jeanie said...

Good Morning,Brenda.

I have this "thing" about changing purses with the weather change as well. Must be a woman thing. I don't think we are the only ones. I love the apple pics you choose, for my kitchen is decorated in red apples and sage green trim. I think it makes for a lovely,comfy kitchen.

I usually have at least 5 books in various places waiting to be read(at the same time) and my husband laughs at me and asks me how I can remember what is going on in each one. I always remember. I like to read my favs while sitting on my swing in the cooler temps. Isn't fall a wonderful time? :-)

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

LOL! I'm a "fickle reader" too. I always have several books at various stages.

I don't change out my purse for the seasons. I change my decor but not my purse!

I too was spoiled by able to sleep until I woke up naturally this summer. I'm not a morning person so getting up so early is not easy for me! Lots of coffee in the morning!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Well, I never change purses. I just carry them until I wear them out (I am too impatient to switch!). This is why I never spend lots of money on one, just to wear it completely out!

I have different volumes going all the time, too. There's the hair dryer book, the nightstand book, the car (in case you get stuck somewhere) book!

Thanks for the post.

scrappy quilter said...

Fall is fast approaching here too. There may even be frost tonight...we've had a warning on the radio. I've noticed a few leaves are starting to turn color, the gardens are winding down and the days are getting shorter.

I'm one who doesn't change purses either. I use the same one until it's totally worn out, then buy a new one. They usually last for years.

Becky K. said...

A beautiful post.

I am working in the reverse of you when it comes to needing to get up in the morning.

While Mikey did his internship over the summer we were up at 5:30- or 6am. Now that we are back to our lovely homeschool day...We can get it all in by being up by 7:00 or 7:30 am.

I "feel" your "pain". But it is also very joy filled to help our boys on their way...


Becky K.

Mrs.B said...

Yes autumn is on its way. the nights are chilly here and the cold rain is drizzling all the time. I hope the rain lets up enough for us to enjoy the riot of color the Lord makes for us to enjoy the fall

Barb said...

Hi Brenda,
I am new to your blog - I love it! You have such good thoughts to share with the blogging world. Summer is indeed coming to an end in my part of the country (Idaho). We still have nice warm days, but cool crisp nights and the trees are letting some of their leafs go, to scatter across the lawn and make it look like fall. The grass does not grow as fast, and the tomatoes are turning red and ready to harvest. The farmers here are getting ready to dig "spuds" and it's almost time for the County Fair. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll be back often.

Blessings, Barb

matty said...

I feel autumn, too, in the leaves, the cooler nights and need to start nesting. Does anyone else feel this need when the days become shorter?

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Not a hint of fall here in central California. Today's temperature will be 100*. That said, reading about the hints of autumn in your part of the world is so refreshing.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I seem to be falling in love with soup all over again.........I have a crock pot. I have bones in the freezer to roast.......I have the cookbook Bones from the library to inspire me! And vegetables from the CSA farm........Thanks for turning my mind in this direction, Brenda! A few of my most kindred spirit friends and I realized we sometimes carry up to ten or more books to bed with us, not sure what we will want to read. Like you, I never forget where I left off! Books are SUCH a blessing.......I have also brought out my fall purse, black leather and maybe also Aigner. It has a zipper because otherwise I am the sort of person that inadvertantly dumps everything out! I'm getting ready to fly to Germany for a family wedding in early September and organizing my purse is a big part of this....But aside from that, I love the change of the seasons! I would truly miss this if I lived in a place where it did not exist as it does here in northeast Ohio.

Susan P. said...

Brenda, you really made me giggle when you said you were like your Mother with your winter purse ` unfortunatley I am like that with all my purses;)

We are still very hot and humid here, but the long range temps show a cool rain coming our way on Monday ~ Yay!! I'm one of those strange people who love rainy days AND Mondays:)

Elizabeth said...

Interesting post today because I too changed my purse yesterday! The one I use in autumn is a Nine West all leather hobo style bag that I bought at the Salvation Army about 3 years ago. It obviously had not been used very much as the lining (and the leather) were like brand new. What a find that was! The price was $5.99.

We are experiencing lots of rain but not too much wind here in Western Ma. from the offshore hurricane today. The weather has really cooled down and since it certainly isn't an outside day, I decided to get all the autumn decorations out of the attic. Usually begin decorating around Sept. 15 or so. All I can say is - if anyone sees me at a store carrying any kind of fake pumpkin (ceramic, glass, resin, etc.) please intervene and make me put it back...please! I have more pumpkins than any sane person needs to decorate with.

mamajuliana said...

I am going to do the purse change this coming weekend.

I love "A" purses. Hubby got me a beautiful brown leather one for an anniversary present earlier this month! I can't wait to use it!

I found a summer "A" purse at the Salvation army a few years ago. I don't think that they knew what they had!

Anonymous said...

Kristi I too miss the winters of northeast Ohio And who would ever forget your Beautiful fall leaves!! Driving in the mountains in the fall or just strolling the avenues is a real treat!! :) I am where it is over 100 today and no signs of fall. :{ I too have many books around the house with bookmarks. As I have said before, I sometimes do not finiah a very well loved book if it has had characters that I really hate to say goodbye to.! Silly and a bit strange but I take a vacation before I can go back and finish a book...wishing all along the author would write a sequel to it. Fall thou7gh is my favorite season and so I will be changing the decore in a while to reflect that. It seems silly though when winter comes and yet it is so hot and you decorate with snowmen! :) That said I still and always will miss my Ohio. Jody

Jenny said...


I have been reading your blog for sometime. I enjoy it so much.
Thank you for taking the time to share your life,your heart but most of all Gods word.


still hot here I live in Texas ,

Anonymous said...

I changed from my straw purse to a leather one on Saturday too. Thought a straw one would look silly with a sweater. Guess it's time to put up the sandals too!


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Ah, yes....the crock pot! Great autumn tool, taking one through the cold of winter...

And your purse musings are the impetus for me to do what I too often put off (going through the seasons with the same purse in spite of good intentions). I will change purses first thing tomorrow :)

Vee said...

Sorry to find that you and Christopher have been ill. You're the first folks I "know" who have had that rotten H1 whatever flu. I certainly hope that you are feeling ever so much better now. I seldom change purses. But I am glad that you found such a fantastic fall and winter one at Goodwill. One must be knowledgeable enough about such things to recognize them. I'm so not.