Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sitting on the Lazy Boy resting...

What happens when you leave the zucchini alone...

I am working on another pantry post but all the outside work is affecting my brain. While I don't have the allergies the rest of the family deals with, there is definitely something in the air today. I had to rush allergy medicine to Christopher or he wouldn't have been able to stay at work. When I walked in, his co-worker cried out, "Christopher, your drug dealer is here!". As miserable as he was, it even gave him a laugh.

I've been preparing corn for the freezer this morning. I know I've been reading the Pioneer Woman blog a lot as I took pictures each step of the way. It reminds me of the day my neighbor's huge tree was blown down in a storm and I ran out with my camera to blog about it. :)

Thankfully, I didn't cut myself with the knife even though I had sharpened it before slicing through corn cobs. I, too, sliced myself quite badly on the mandolin when I was shredding zucchini. I was being very careful with my fingertips and caught my knuckle!! Ouch... it is two weeks later and still hurts when I do dishes.

I know there have been questions in comments but I can't remember any except Jody's from the last post. I did go to college but I didn't graduate. Instead I had a daughter. Years later Stephanie and I had wanted to go to L'Abri around the time she was thirteen (if we could afford it). Instead I had a son. Such is life... :)

My last corporate job was one in which they preferred a Master's degree as it dealt with counseling work groups and managers, as well working in long range planning with the vice presidents and the president of the company just as it was going "international".

In that company I started as an administrative assistant to the head of Human Resources, eventually working myself up to the point I was the acting head of the Organization Development Department for a couple months while my boss worked on a special project.

Someone asked my last boss there at the corporation how he came to promote me when they preferred a graduate degree and he said I was the most well read person he knew. Sometimes being a bibliophile is a good thing. :)

I absolutely loved the work I did during those years and God's grace was on our life as it worked out just fine when Stephanie was a preschooler and in kindergarten. Being an only child at the time, she enjoyed her day care center. I found it interesting that we started having all kinds of childcare problems at the same time I felt I was to leave behind the corporate world.

It was so hard to "go home" full time but I never regretted the decision. Life goes by quickly and family is so important. I realized that even more when I talked to some people from my former corporation a few years later only to hear none of the programs I put so much effort in were continuing at that time. Poof! All my work gone (except, of course, any good affect I had by helping people solve problems).

Oh, and I am still a bibliophile.


Beth said...

Hi Brenda! First of all, please let me tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I love what you write and love your pictures. You inspire me! I visit you every day!
I have a question regarding the yellow squash you have on your blog today...we have some that we planted in our little garden and they are ready, I think, but I don't know what to do with them or....exactly what they are called!

I have been very busy slicing (two owwies and bandaids to prove it) zucchini and I have LOADS of it in the freezer! (I have had 25 zucchinis to put up!) I just made my first ever (I think so, anyway) loaf of zucchini bread today and it is cooling now!
I am just stumped as what to do with that yellow squash that my husband planted! Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks! Beth

Ms.Jeanie said...

Hi Brenda! I rejoice with you in being a bibliophile and have never regretted being well read myself! :)

I,too, had a hard time leaving the nursing work world and refused so long that God gave me a little "push" to get me out of there.

My son is 12 and we have been trying to have a baby for about a year. Wonder if he will be like Stephanie and be 13 when we do?

Jeanie in KY

freetobeme - Anita said...

I enjoy getting little glimpses into your life. God is good.

matty said...

Hi Brenda! Never doubt, even it your changes didn't stick at your job, that you didn't make a difference. We never know what seeds we have sown that are underneath. Who knows? There may be some sprouts that aren't quite ready to show up yet! Anyhooo... as one of my favorite bloggers writes .... you make a daily difference in your blog!

Enjoy what is left of your restful day!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Brenda for answering my question and in detail. I applied for a job when I was very young knowing I did not have the qualifications but needed the job and wanted this one. The owner looked over my application and said he was willing to try me if I was willing to try! It worked out for both of us. He had more faith in me than even I did at that time! Jody

Connie said...

Your past life sounds as interesting as the life you have now. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I too LOVE to read...and reading has brought such comfort over the years!! Thanks for sharing your story!!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Brenda, I thought you would be interested in something from the Annebaronne blog:
"Julia Child supporters may not have taken to the streets in protest over Julie & Julia, but they are posting their displeasure in blogs.

Apparently, Julia Child did not approve of Julie Powell’s blogging about preparing the Mastering the Art of French Cooking recipes. According to Julia Child’s editor at Knopf, Judith Jones, she [Julia Child] considered the blog an exploitive stunt. Julia Child also thought that no one who loved and respected French food would describe it using profanity—as reportedly the blogger did."

I haven't read the book Julie and Julia, and I don't think I will....But I love Julia Child and have several of her books. And Meryl Streep looks so like her in the movie trailers....Haven't made my mind up yet about seeing the movie.