Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Comments Q&A

I've been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to work in the yard and garden. It is hard to imagine that last week this time our heat index was over 100. I don't know how long it will last but I'll enjoy it while I can.

So... I'll still try to get the pantry post written later today. If common sense prevails (or guilt) and I get caught up on the laundry instead... I'll write tomorrow. :)

I can't remember all the titles of novels I've read about the Depression but a lot of them were written by Grace Livingston Hill. I still enjoy her stories but I went through a time after our first baby died that I read lots of her books. They were so inspiring. A number of them were about families struggling as a result of the Great Depression.

A nonfiction book I enjoyed with stories about the Depression was from Reiman Publication and it was called We Had Everything But Money. It was full of very inspiring stories.

A book that tells a lot of what it was like living in the financial struggles of Post War Europe is With Love, Edith (the L'Abri Letters from 1948-1960). There is a second book of letters called Dear Family (the L'Abri Letters from 1961-1986).

These are actual letters written by Edith Schaeffer to family and friends telling them what was going on in their life and with their ministry (and later, of course, L'Abri). The first book in particular gives a great sense of what living in Post War Europe was like but all of the letters are so interesting... they read like a novel.

Of course, so many of us love the Little House books as they share about stretching the food to last through the winter! We talk about living out of the pantry as something new but that is all most generations knew.

Someone had also commented in the last post that all of life is a God thing. Yes, it is...

However... there are those moments in life that to me are so unique... so magical (Narnia magic... the good kind ya' know)... so absolutely out of this world improbable under human circumstances... that it must be a moment God delights in... delighting me.

How the One who keeps the universe spinning as it should cares about little things like magazines... or teacups... or a good cup of coffee... or any other number of ways I have felt His presence... it is truly miraculous.

It is at such times I know God as Father as He comforts... God as Friend as He makes me laugh... and God as the coming Bridegroom who finds great delight in bringing joy to His own as they walk on this fallen planet.

I think of those special times in the Old Testament when God's Presence was so unique and amazing our ancient Fathers and Mothers of the faith built altars so generations to come would see that thing built of stone or wood and ask for the story behind it... and they would hear of a time when Heaven touched the Earth.

That, my reader... is a God thing. There were lots of great descriptions in the comments by others about what they believe a "God thing" is, too. I hope they help in understanding what we mean by those special moments when God touches our lives.


scrappy quilter said...

Great post once again.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for the book titles and the better description of a God thing than I could ever write. I love that you bring up books off and on and the conversation about them continues. Maybe others will have titles. I could only think of the one I posted in the comments when you mentioned reading the depression stories. I know I must know of others but of course can't think of a one right now! :) Jody

debbie bailey said...

Thanks, Brenda, for the book recommendations. I love Edith Schaeffer's books but didn't know about her letters. I can't wait to read them!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Beautiful thoughts Brenda!

I especially like the idea of God as Friend who laughs with us and as Bridegroom who wants to bring us joy!

So good, so true!