Thursday, July 02, 2009

Busy returns

Hmmm... I have come to a reasonable conclusion. I should have realized this long ago. When one is alone for over a week, one has plenty of free time. Place one or two people in the picture and suddenly there is less time for things like... writing the pantry post (as it actually needs some thought put into it).

Life is looking calmer for tomorrow. I say that as one who has had nothing planned for a day and that is when "life happens". However, it is looking good. I am looking forward to sharing what I learned recently (actually re-learned) about the pantry as well as catching up on e-mails.

I do enjoy hearing from people who read this blog (I'll accept e-mails from kitties, too... and Sasha and I may even accept a Woof or a Bark once in awhile.) She'd have to translate for me but I believe she is bilingual. She is also an amazing watch cat. I know, on the outside she looks like she sleeps all day but in reality she is keeping her ears open for any home invaders.

Anyway... Last night I talked to one of the nicest women I've come to know through blogging. I'm not one to enjoy phone conversations much but there are those people who make chatting enjoyable... she is one of them. I had to leave our conversation at 9:00 for something some people would seem as unimportant... to watch a TV show with my husband.

Before you throw Russian books at me, the Franklin Springs show (which comes on the NRP channel on Wednesday nights on Direct TV) was re-showing their Return to the Land program and I really wanted him to view it with me. I've been telling him about it for a long time. We were not able to move to a farm but we are so happy to live in the country and have space now for a garden, which we hope to expand next year.

Return to the Land
is the first time we meet the West Ladies and get to know them, they are interviewed in A Journey Home but only for a few minutes. I just love the Franklin Springs DVDs but they are out of my budget... I want to eventually have the original West Ladies series in my home DVD library as well as their new series coming out soon which is about gardening, canning, and herbs. There is always so much to learn!

We have two "luxuries" we're tying to keep in the budget. One is Direct TV (we do not subscribe to extra movies or anything like that, though) which is the only way hubby can keep up with Chicago sports. As a person is is bipolar, he definitely needs ways to relax and when he feels better... all of us feel better. :)

Of course, I do enjoy watching good quality TV when I'm not feeling well.

Our other "luxury" is our cell phone. Hubby and I share a cell phone (and I went through major withdrawal symptoms when it was in North Carolina with him). Christopher has to pay for anything above his $10.00 fee. We never had cell phones before moving to the country but we feel they have proven themselves essential over and over.

Okay, I must return to important stuff like laundry and doing the dishes and pulling weeds...


Vee said...

My daughter put my mother and me on her cell phone plan. What a blessing it has been. Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea why anyone would want or need a cell phone. My tune has changed.

So you don't always like chatting on the phone either? I feel so foolish talking on the phone to blogging friends because, after all, we don't really know one another. I think I need to get over it, though, as my new landline phone allows unlimited calls all over North America. I could give up blogging entirely and just make phone calls. Ha!

Looking forward to your pantry post.

freetobeme - Anita said...

You sound so human in this post! Yeah! You're just like the rest of us! I must admit sometimes I've had you up on a pedestal. God loves you and so do I.

Moxie said...

Any time spent with our DH's is time spent building up the Kingdom ...strong relationships just freak Satan out....LOL! You have a great day and send out s meow and woof to the fur friends :P

Anonymous said...

Am I just getting forgetful? I can't remember if you did or did not already talk about the Return to the Land show and the other or not? Now I am curioius where to get information on them. I still yearn to do more "returning to the land" living. We do our share with the bit of land we have but I have always wanted to do more. Maybe I should just stop and thank the Lord for what I can do already and not look back. At our age there is little possibility we will have more. Time spent with hubby and family is time so well spent...precious beyond measure. Enjoy it. I too resisted getting a cell phone. Once I did although I use it seldom,..when I do I am SO glad I have one. :) Jody

Jonell said...

funny...I can recall just a few years ago my husband and I would really laugh at [privately] people in the big discount stores talking on their cell phones..and we'd discover they were talking w someone IN THE SAME STORE..Can you imagine? We would say.

ROFL at us now..If we r leaving together we make sure we BOTH are carrying our cell phone. I don't want him to get lost!:^)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for talking about Franklin Springs DVDs. I ordered the West ladies DVDs and A Journey Home. Can't wait to get them. Thanks!