Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Would I stand firm for my beliefs?

I know it seems funny but, yes... my Sunday Afternoon Tea posts do bring about the need for some to stop reading what I write. I completely understand... I did use to pay attention to numbers but after three years I've learned people come and go and there is a core group of "friends", some whom I've come to know their names and others who are still anonymous. VPPs... Very Precious People. :)

I slept in quite late this morning and went through three cups of coffee to wake up. That is proof last night must be the final Nyquil night. The sound sleep has been worth it all. One of my all time favorite movies was on TV all morning so I curled up for a little more sofa time watching Exodus as my head became less fuzzy... it is a long movie.

The theme from Exodus has been second on my spring-summer Play List for awhile. The book was one of the first placed on Stephanie's "Summer Reading List" in her early teens when we lived in Iowa and it has long been one of my favorites. Oh yes, I know it is a romanticized version of the re-birth of the nation of Israel in the 1940s but it had a profound impact on me... it always does. It makes me think.

Do I care so much about anything that I would give my life to a cause? I'm not talking about protecting my children as a mother bear stands watch over her cubs. Also... even though I've been very involved in causes in the past, I have never had to give up more than time and a little convenience to stand for what I believe.

We have seen a little persecution here and there... especially as homeschoolers. Mostly the usual rolled eyes, smirks, and pitiful glances from those who think we are daft. Once in awhile, there is a comment which usually begins "How can someone educated believe...".

Just recently we again had to stand against the elitism of the University to prove an education has taken place through both homeschooling and two years of classes at a (gasp) community college. Each time Christopher scores well on one of their tests, I have very un-Christian thoughts and I must repent all over again. :)

However... I've never had to go to war for what I believed. My life has never been in danger for my beliefs. I've never had to give up freedom for my faith. Prison has not been the result of my Christianity as it is in other nations. Walking the path Christ has set before me has never caused me to give up a meal...

Watching Exodus from the comfort of an air conditioned house... viewing the scenes in Iran as dinner is being prepared in the Crock Pot... wondering about the life of Believers in North Korea or Saudi Arabia... how would I compare?

Perhaps an unexpected benefit of homeschooling has been the experience of a little persecution here and there... as one who has already gone upstream from the norms of society and would certainly qualify for the Department of Homeland Security's "fringe group" list... would I be willing to give up all to live what I believe?

It is worth thinking of as I watch an old movie as well as new videos taken on cell phones. As an American, would I risk my life for my vote to count? As a Christian... would I vote according to my Statement of Faith or my checkbook? Would I give up everything? Would my children... my grandchildren? Will there come a time a line will be drawn in the sand in this country?

Thankfully today we can ponder such questions as we garden... and cook... and bake... and are free to educate our children at home and attend the place of worship we choose.


Tracey McBride said...

Hello Brenda!

Wow, what a thought provoking post. How beautifully you put your ideas. I agree, it's so easy for us as we ponder these questions and believe our beliefs in an air conditioned home with dinner simmering in the crock pot...soo true. That being said, it's also a true moment of appreciation. A moment of counting our blessings. A moment to remember to say "Thank You Lord." We are so blessed in that these issues/choices/ideas/themes are only contemplated
hypothetically. Thanks so much for writing about this Brenda. I really like the way you think.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Very thought provoking blog. I admire you for home schooling. I'm one of your faithful reader's and will be until I'm too old for computer's!God loves you and so do I.

Married life said...

Very well written and it makes one think. Would I risk my life for my right to vote and worship? Yes. Yes I would.

Linda N. said...

Dear Brenda:
I am so glad you are feeling better. I felt led to pray for you Sunday morning during church that the Lord would "lift you onto your feet" so I'm very happy that has taken place. (Although isn't it wonderful that He provides comfortable couches when we need them?)

Thank you for sharing your life with us and for letting your life shine.

In Him,

Jennie said...

It is definitely worth thinking about as it can help us to see what truly is important to us.

scrappy quilter said...

Well said Brenda. It's one of the reasons I love your blog. It was one of the first I found when I started reading blogs and I've never regretted finding it. I love your honesty and your BOLDNESS for Christ. It's awesome!! Hugs and love, Carol

Sue said...

You are so right, Brenda.

We are very, very blessed and lucky...for now! The way things are going, I am pretty sure we (possibly), but our children and grandchildren (for sure) are going to see persecution for our beliefs...

GOD BLESS! Glad you are feeling better.

cheri said...

"Day by day and with each passing moment,
Strength I find to meet my trials here,
Trusting in my Father's wise bestowment,
I've no cause for worries or for fear."

These words from the comforting hymn 'Day by Day' help me when I think - 'I couldn't do that."

God sustained and blessed us through 18 years of homeschooling 3 sons. He has seen us through many trials. Financial, health, chronic illness, death, despair...

His strength is perfect.

Would you or I stand firm for our beliefs? I trust so as God gives us comfort and strength and perseverance.

Blessings, Brenda. Thank you for yet another thoughtful post.

Vee said...

As we keep sliding down the slippery slope here in this country, it would do well for all of us to be thinking similar thoughts. It may ultimately come to persecution and needing to develop some grit.

(I did a double take reading your "VPP" as my initials were, until I married John, VP.)

Anonymous said...

I have also podered these thoughts. We were challanged as children in skits to stand and be questioned as to what we believed and prove it the best we could etc. Kind of frightening for a kid but sure kept me thinking of such through out the years. We have certainly had it easy in so very many respects. Because we are surrounded with His blessings I think we tend to take it for granted. We do need to stop and reflect on how easily that could all change. Are we ready to defend our faith? The world has turned upside down and who but God knows what is to come. Never forget to thank Him and thank Him again for the thousands of blessings he has given us all. You Brenda have the gift of writing and put it all into the nicest package! You always give us something to ponder or smile about in the nicest way. Jody

Nita in South Carolina said...

I particularly look forward to your Sunday posts, and I'm not sure why some readers don't. We can never know, however, when a seed is being planted - and I feel sure that you have planted plenty!

Betty said...

I pray that I would not deny my Lord and Saviour...I am so burdened for our nation and the path we are on...I pray God will have mercy on us and not give us justice...

Thank you for dropping by and your good wishes...

Last year our English friends from Wales came for a 12 day visit which thrilled us immensely...we want to visit with them but I'm not sure that will ever come to fruition...I've never flown...

God Bless...Betty

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I, too, have been pausing and pondering our freedoms and many, many blessings -- often taken for granted. Your blog always offers such a welcome spot to sit and chat and share from the heart.

Your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog have meant so much to me. Lately I find far too little time at the computer, but actually I celebrate all the family time and garden moments . . . soon enough my birdies will fly from the nest and I will have oodles of time to do as I please.

As for today, I will visit a few special blogs and let them know how much they mean to me. You, my dear, are a very special blogger to me. I sat quietly (commentless) at your knee for a looooong time before I left a comment and longer still before I began sharing on my own blog. Thank you for courageously being yourself. I appreciate it (and count on it when I come here).

: D

Hope you mend soon.