Friday, June 05, 2009

Waiting and the skimming of books

Stephanie didn't make me wait long to view the third DVD of the PBS/BBC Sense and Sensibility series. We watched it last night... in the dark... sighing at the lovely words and scenery. At one point, my husband looks over at me and says they need to make more "man pictures". It was when the sisters were discussing how badly men treat women... and his point was???

Since we were two years with no local TV access, I missed all of these movies when they first showed on PBS. Sigh... they are lovely.

Christopher had requested his sister bring North and South with her as a friend has been wanting to see it for awhile (and it is no longer available at our library). He watched the second part of it last night at her house with her mother, brother, and sister. His friend has decided it may be her all time favorite film. (Christopher is best friends with this young woman and her twin brother... he said her brother didn't hate it like most chick flicks).

I needed the relaxing evening after waiting two and a half hours first at a McDonald's and then at the library near campus. Christopher needed to drop papers off at the University's financial aid department and then talk to an advisor at the School of Science. Dealing with the University has been a nightmare of bureaucracy. More about that at another time...

While waiting, I skimmed Stephanie's library book, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by Andy Crouch. It had been recommended on Sally's blog. It's not an easy book to skim through quickly and I've only read the first half. I find it quite interesting and thought provoking.

The one area I took exception with the author was his opinion of the importance of knowing about "Worldview". Having taught a class at our former homeschool co-op which instructed teenagers how to recognize a person's worldview in what they read... I just had a different "take" on it as this author. It could also be I'm not understanding where he is coming from and it is just a small two-page portion of the book.

I'm hoping to finish skimming the book this weekend. It's not light reading and a quick skim doesn't do it justice but it must return to its' home at a library in New England. There are some books which can be read quickly and still understand what the author is saying. Then there are those which need to be read and pondered slowly. This would be one of them. :)

I've long been interested in the subject that would fall under the heading "Christianity and Culture", most probably through the early influence of Francis and Edith Schaeffer's books. It makes for interesting discussion material.

Now... the day is full with fun activities and for once it is not raining. :)

Picture: Waterbaby and the Moon;


scrappy quilter said...

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Sounds like you're also getting some reading in there too. Hugs.

Clif said...

Interesting. I love the picture at the top of yesterday's post. And I always enjoy your music.

Linda said...

I've been in a classic's kind of mood for a while now. Much better than most of the stuff that is out there now a days. I love North and South and Cranford.

Anonymous said...

I've just finished watching North and South, the first two books, and started the third; it seems chopped up, new actors, old characters are missing and Mr. Bent has returned from the dead. Does it get better? Were the books like this? Somebody?

Friend Debra