Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I had hoped to get the rest of the garden pictures taken and posted today. However, wicked weather took our server out for the Internet and made it a little too soggy to take pictures today. I'll get them taken soon. We're now through Phases one and two of the raised bed gardens.

The tornado sirens went off yesterday and we had to put the grandchildren in the hallway with pillows and blankets to cover them. You must understand, they live in an area of the country where tornadoes are so rare, they had no clue what we were talking about.

You also must understand... these are very literary children who have lots of books and no TV except DVDs... lots of their mother's British DVDs. So you will appreciate their question as the sirens were blasting... "Is this World War II?".

I did try not to laugh as it was a serious question. I told them it was not WWII... just another Midwestern "very bad storm" warning (which is how I ended up describing a tornado). Thankfully the twister was heading in a different direction but we did have plenty of bad weather.

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and e-mails about the family being here. I have "met" the most remarkable people through this media (medium... medeae?). I have a hatbox which contains many notes and well wishes. ! :)

It reminds me of what Stephanie told me last night. Her family had met up with Joel Clarkson the last time they were in Boston and they were talking about their mothers, especially how they are known by so many people (of course, Sally's books reach a lot more people than this blog!). However, to them we are "just Mom". I love being "just Mom"!

Hmmm... talking about their mothers. All good I hope. Getting to know the Clarksons (first through their books) has been such a blessing. We've gone through so many similar life challenges and we look at life through the same tint of glasses. I know both of my children were told they were rather "unique" when growing up.

It is always good to find people are just as nice in person as they are in print. Finding such likeminded Christians on this path through life (when so often we feel all alone) was a gift from the one who Created us. My grandchildren love the Clarkson "kids", that's enough for me!

Hopefully I will have pictures tomorrow. The house has been full but we are enjoying everyone.


Kimberly said...

What fun! As we have no television either, but enjoy our BBC movies, my guys have a rather unique perspective on things. I've been playing the music from a delightful blog that contains songs from P&P, North & South, Little Women, The Secret Garden and more. Pumpkin, age three, knows within seconds and announces what movie each song is from. Even Dumpling at one and a half nailed a song from Little Women last night! Of course, Cars is still quite a favorite around here as well, though Pumpkin will ask to watch Persuasion or Cranford. Oh my! He also likes "the movie with the girls walking". Doesn't that apply to most of what we watch from Anne to Pride & Prejudice? (It's P&P he's asking for.) You can ask him who wrote Pride & Prejudice and he'll tell you Jane Austen.
Don't worry, he can also identify every type of tractor and construction machiney thing out there. He's also fascinated with bugs and dirt like all good boys!
I'm also studying Mission of Motherhood right now and find Sally delightful! I was on the last chapter when a friend said she was going to get a group together to go through it and so I'm rereading it right now. What fun! How I'd love to have you both over for tea and a good long visit!
I should go now and stop filling up your space. Maybe I should post on my own blog. That would be novel! Much love to you!

scrappy quilter said...

I'm so glad the tornado didn't touch down. We had wicked weather too in our province. The largest city got hit with some major winds. Thankfully we were okay where we were.

Anonymous said...

Will you be having a granny tea party? We used to have them outside in summer and in front of the fireplace in winter.

Friend Debra

Heather L. said...

I just love the comment about WWII and the sirens!!! Sometimes when I hear our siren I try to imagine what it was like for friends of mine in the UK back 70 years ago.