Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sugar Cream Pie and other joys of Midwest Living

Stephanie told me a few years ago that she mentioned to someone in New England she was making a sugar cream pie and they asked what was in it. Her reply? "Ummm... sugar... and cream." :)

As with many old Midwest recipes, one realizes what we consider expensive these days (especially cream and butter) were quite ordinary to those on farms with milk cows. The frozen Wick's pies are made in Indiana but I've seen recipes for sugar cream pies in various Midwest and Amish cookbooks. They are much richer than an ordinary custard pie but not as tangy as a lemon chess pie.

A friend from the bookstore called this morning, asking if I could make an emergency dessert for her. She'd completely forgotten that she had signed up to bring a cake to a sports banquet tonight. I had the ingredients for a quick Chocolate Cherry Cake that I was able to make in between errands and drop off at the bookstore just before she left for the day. As I've said before, I consider baking a ministry and I was happy to help her.

Our economy here is interesting as we have two completely different sources of income for many people... no, make that three. Agriculture is okay so long as the weather holds out (we who live in farm lands are obsessed with weather). Manufacturing is in a terrible condition with another three hundred or more jobs lost just this past week in one of the plants. There are now thousands out of work from what I've heard. The University is going strong but one wonders what will happen in coming years.

The Mall is often packed when I drive by but I've noticed a lot more people shopping at Goodwill and the thrift shop.

I had to drive to the town close to us to run an errand for my husband. I decided to take the scenic route home since snow and ice were no longer an issue. All of nature seems to be waiting the coming of warm weather and the opportunity to bloom and blossom even if our view is winter without the snow.

I passed a ranch fairly close to home and slowed down to view the horses through the trees (one can only see them clearly in winter). Horses are among the most regal of all God's creation and these are particularly beautiful.

I had been listening to talk radio earlier but I decided for the sake of my mental health to switch to the NPR station and listen to classical music. Their selection at the time was a little too slow for my taste so I switched again to K-Love... that's more like it. K-Love is the Three Bears station in our family... to contemporary for my husband, not contemporary enough for my son... just right for Mama Bear. :)

Oh, before you ask. I have added recipes for Cousin Idell's sugar cream pie (Kentucky version), Chocolate Cherry Cake, and two Midwest sugar cream pies to the recipe blog... just click on the picture of the vintage kitchen & cook on the sidebar.


Vee said...

Oh thanks for adding the recipes. I'll compare your sugar cream pie recipe with my sis's. All I know about it is that we do enjoy sugar cream pie.

We've been reading about the terrible woes in Indiana. So sad to see all these jobs lost. I have my opinions about it all, but won't spout.

Hope that some warmth comes along to coax the blossoms and the green along even though I see that you are still enjoying open canopy.

Brenna D. said...

Hahaha, I would have been one of those women asking Stephanie what was in the pie! I have never heard of sugar cream pie. I was born/raised in Arizona; maybe it's not a Southwestern thing. My mother used to make something called a mincemeat pie. I hated it! She made me try it once. I'll never forget that. To this day, I won't eat mincemeat pie. Eew!

Anonymous said...

Yes we too have been listening more to music or watching The Andy Griffith Show more instead of news lately. Seems the news gives you a new angle to wonder and stew about by the hour. Can't say things are beter around here for jobs either. Guess everyone is rowing in the same boat now a days. We have always been ones to keep a tight reign on our wallets {but not our hearts}. Since watching the pennies is second nature cutting back even more is doable. The times though, do seem to put a shiver of anxiety in your spirit if you let it. So don't Let it!! :) Easier said than done at times I understand. I know I have to give myself a pep talk at times when I let my worries and fears take hold. But with the coming of the spring season it sure has lifted my spirits to get out and be with nature and enjoy God's beautiful world. Jody

Heather L. said...

Thanks for adding the recipes -- how did you know I was going to ask. :)

Goodwill down here is 50% off tomorrow!!! YAY!! I've been waiting and waiting....

Anonymous said...

The malls here are not so busy, but the restaurants look full. However, my daughters are servers at two different establishments, and while people are eating out, they are tipping terribly. My husband lost his job last October, he was a mid level production manager in the manufacturing sector. Losing Delphi and GM has been quite a blow in these parts. While God shut that door, there are a couple doors opening in a couple of different directions....self-employment being one of those.