Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner's in the Crock Pot... all is right with the world

Have you ever had to use a borrowed computer for any length of time? It is like living in a rented room with furniture almost like yours but not quite. I haven't been able to respond to comments or requests, much less go back and pick up e-mails I know were missed just before my own computer crashed. It's suppose to be finished soon, if the new motherboard works.

I promise to pick up on the Recession and Pantry posts soon. They take a little more thought and planning then when I ramble on about what I did on my summer vacation... or, in this case... spring break. (The answer is cook and clean.) When I go into town I can actually find a parking place and the grocery store is even empty. One could get the feeling they are the only person not sunning themselves on Florida shores with Connie Francis singing in the background. (Now, that tells my age.)

My plans to do some cooking and baking today never came to pass but I did get dinner in the Crock Pot where it has been slow cooking all day. There's something about the main dish being taken care of that gives a feeling of... freedom. The dishes are all washed and put away, the refrigerator had a quick cleaning (not the elbow grease cleaning my husband can do), one load of laundry is finished while a second is in the dryer. It's a good day when most of the "gotta do's" of the day are finished my late afternoon.

I was very happy to stop by Goodwill this week and find the glass cups I've been keeping an eye on now half price. They're very similar to those that go with my punch bowl and at a quarter each, they give me six more cups which should be about what I needed for a larger crowd. I have no plans for such as occasion immediately but I'd been looking for similar punch bowl cups since last summer.

As for my little Panera vacation this morning... sigh... it also had to be delayed for another day due to circumstances. Soon... very soon... I'll have my own version of spring break with good coffee, a scone, my Bible and book, and a notebook... at Panera... with beautiful music in the background.


Sue said...

My husband (who is laid off right now) has our dinner cooking in the crock pot also. My daughter is home for a couple days and her request was "Jim's Pot Roast!" The house smelled wonderful when I arrived home from work...

jAne said...

I *should* have put our supper in the crockpot this morning, but I *didn't* so will have to do the mad cooking dash this afternoon, on top of everything else I need to do. That's okay though because recovering from the plague and experiencing more energy feels great! :o)

I hope you don't mind, but I linked to one of your posts from November 08. Come see.


Nita in South Carolina said...

For us working moms, there is nothing better than walking in the door at 4:30 and smelling dinner ready in the crockpot! Especially wiht a teenage son who insists he is "STARVING!" the minute I walk in the door :)

Anonymous said...

With hubby on lay off again I never know what the day will hold and when things can get done etc. The crock pot sure works it's magic as usual. Do you keep your meats {roasts etc} in one piece or cut them up when you cook them in the corck pot? I have heard both schools of thought. My chuck roasts come out tough at times. Jody